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Viaroom Home safely runs your home in your absence and creates incredible comfort from the moment when you walk through the door.
It connects with your intelligent objects, such as thermostats, plugs, light bulbs, door locks and more and intelligently creates a flexible, automatic schedule for your home, enabling you to save time on your daily tasks. 
By continuously learning your habits, Viaroom Home seamlessly automates your lights and heating, secures your home and helps you save energy.
It relieves you from up to 90% of your daily household tasks so you can focus on what’s really important and enjoy your free time together with your family and friends.

Viaroom Home brings you peace of mind and increases your security as you no longer have to worry if the front door is locked and all windows are closed. Lights, heating, ovens, washing machines are efficiently used, enabling you to save on your energy bills.

Viaroom Home also works with Alexa products and Google Home.

Features of Viaroom Home

  • Autopilot function: VIAROOM Home continuously learns your needs and intelligently handles by itself less important but time-consuming daily tasks.
  • Alarm service: Connected Alarm service with no long term commitments
  • Privacy: Your schedule data is securely stored and protected inside VIAROOM Home.
  • Energy savings: Completely autonomous, it automates your home and helps you save energy.
  • Works with everything: VIAROOM Home works with most smart home systems: connected bulbs, home automation systems, wall plugs, intelligent thermostats, shutters, surveillance cameras, garage doors, connected sprinklers and more.



No monthly fees.

  • Available: EU, UK, MEA
  • VIAROOM Home controller: yes
  • VIAROOM Autopilot function
  • VIAROOM Secure alarm service, no fees, self-monitored
  • Google Assistant
  • SmartThings
  • Honeywell
  • Ecobee
  • Philips Hue
  • Osram Lightify
  • Somfy MyLink
  • Foscam HD
  • Fibaro, Vera, Zipato, Jeedom, eedomus

No monthly fees.

  • Available: US, Canada.
  • VIAROOM Home controller: no
  • VIAROOM Autopilot function
  • VIAROOM Secure alarm service, no fees, self-monitored
  • Google Assistant
  • SmartThings
  • Honeywell
  • Ecobee

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