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Arago is the leading artificial intelligence company that has maintained its start-up mentality for decades. Since being founded in 1995, Arago has been a pioneer in AI engineering. We are building an AI platform focused on the B2B sector using machine reasoning and analytical components to assist your efficiency and promote your innovation. Although being in an ever-changing high-tech environment, we operate without forgetting that solving big problems takes time, precision, and excellence. Arago’s solutions are built to automate enterprise IT and business operations to an extent not seen before. With our approach to intelligent IT and business operations automation, a machine with human problem-solving skills is taught by the experts, so the actual humans can turn their attention to moving innovation forward. Our focus is on giving people back the time they are currently spending in repetitive processes. If we can optimize technology — giving it the ability to learn continuously and make experiences, assumptions and predictions, and even act — we can improve life in society.

Features of HIRO Arago's

    • Increase end-to-end process automation rates By automating an entire process flow, HIRO achieves much higher automation rates
    • Accelerate your digital transformation HIRO’s Advanced AI, developed through 20 years of research, works with existing data structures and systems
      • Achieve results in weeks using Agile Automation Leverages the unique characteristics of knowledge automation to quickly start automating and scaling your investment


      They offer custom pricing schemes.

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