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Calaos is a powerful open source home automation software. It features a complete set of parts to automate your house from lights to shutter or even music or cameras. It is a full solution for home automation.

Calaos uses the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries to power its touchscreen interface.

Calaos OS is a complete Linux distribution on its own. It is based on Open-embedded build tools and provides binaries images for a set or machines. Calaos Server, Calaos Home and Calaos WebApp and all the tools needed for a full home automation system are already integrated and configured.

Features of Calaos

  • Supported hardware:
    • Wago’s PLC, with digital or analog I/O, DALI or DMX light bus.
    • IPX800.
    • Eco Device.
    • Web API.
    • 1Wire.
    • X10Zibase I/O.
    • GPIO (Linux based GPIO, for direct use of RaspberryPI GPIO header).
    • Squeezebox.
    • Nabaztag (Karotz).
    • CCTV IP (Axis, Mjpeg…).
  • Slick looking touchscreen interface.
  • Android and iOS apps.
  • HTML5 web app.
  • Remote configuration tool.
  • Pre-configured Linux images for SD card.
  • Calaos supports a lot of hardware, like PLC, KNX, Zibase, Squeezeboxes, 1Wire, MySensors, HUE, ...
  • Easy to install using Calaos-OS. It's just a matter of burning a memory card and you have a complete working software installation. Calaos-OS is based on openembedded for easy customization.
  • HTTP/Websocket API for easy communication with external tools
  • LUA scripting
  • Powerful rule engine
  • Easily configurable with our GUI tool Calaos_Installer
  • Can run on a lot of supported hardware platforms, like x86/x64 PC, Raspberrypi, Cubieboard, Mele, ...

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