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PiDome is an Open Source Home Automation platform developed especially for the raspberry Pi leveraging this little nifty credit card sized computer to a full Home Automation solution.
It is a powerful platform providing ease of use for non technical users with possibilities which power users expect.

piDome is a RaspberryPi-powered home automation platform. It aims to provide an easy-to-use system for non-technical people. piDone supports MySensors, RFXCOM, KODI multimedia system.

It offers a server which as we mentioned RaspberryPi-powered and clients for different systems. With piDome the user can create and customize his dashboard, use monitors with different resolutions, and run the piDome clients on Windows, Android and macOS.

With the PiDome Home Automation/Domotica project we try to create a transparent home automation environment for the raspberry pi for end users as well as for developers and/or hobbyists. For end users we tend to create a controlled environment in such a way that every device, component or plugin is controlled in exact the same way.

For developers/hobbyists we provide a flexible API to program they’re own specific hardware and plugins in java or javascript and use a graphical device editor to create devices.

Features of PiDome

Design your own dashboards

You are in total control of the dashboard composed for users on their mobiles. Also fixed stationary clients can be restricted to dashboard run mode so it only shows the dashboard.

  • Compose dashboards per user per device
  • Create dashboards bound to rooms
  • Real time updating, your saved changes are in immediate effect
  • Mix muliple components, devices, weather, media plugins and more
Unified interfaces

The user interface is always the same, it does not matter on what device you use it. They are only adapted to screen sizes.

  • The interfaces work exactly the same on all devices,
  • They always look exactly the same,
  • And will automatically adapt to your display size
  • Clients available for the Raspberry Pi, Windows, Android and Mac.
  • Client displays sizes support from 240*320 up to 1920*1080
Hardcore users can write their own drivers

Creating your own hardware? No problem, use the driver editor in the web interface to integrate your own creation.

  • You know Javascript? You then will be able to write a driver, it's that simple
  • Editor is in web interface.
  • Click save and restart, your changes are in immediate effect, no long waits or server restarts
  • The API manual integrated, no need to go online to search. It's there though

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