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Osaro is a San Francisco based machine learning company. The company is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors.

Since 2015, Osaro’s goal is to embody intelligence. To do that, we’re creating AI software that combines state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities to help computer and robotic systems act efficiently and intelligently. Osaro’s platform has the ability to mimic behavior that requires learned sensor fusion as well as high level planning and object manipulation. It will also enable the ability to learn from one machine to another and improve beyond a human programmer’s insights.

Osaro works with automation providers, robot arms and grippers, warehousing solutions, and companies that want to incorporate our AI software into their manufacturing or fulfillment processes. Our current product is integrated vision and control software for large scale robotics deployments (ASRS systems). We’re focused on deployable functionality, but we’re building for the long run. We’ve built a modern cloud based data and GPU infrastructure designed for the most flexible intelligent ASRS picking system on the market.

Osaro integrates simply with custom hardware and combines customer data seamlessly with Osaro proprietary data. Osaro’s system tolerates flexible work zones and imprecise container placement, picking continuously in jumbled, packed and variable light scenarios. Osaro’s integrated software system is also compatible with reliable, time-tested industrial grade hardware while utilizing state of the art proprietary machine learning algorithms. Osaro’s picking software supports features such as suction picking, bin packing and intelligent placement; single SKU, mixed bins and segmented totes; modbus and WMS integration; performance metrics, error reporting and data storage.

Osaro’s software based picking solution accommodates 10,000+ SKUs and automatic cloud updates. Osaro uses commodity hardware, supports all major robot platforms and various end effectors, and tolerates lighting variations.


Osaro has not provided pricing information for this product or service. This is common practice for software vendors and service providers. Contact Osaro to obtain current pricing.

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