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Infosys Nia is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform built to help businesses streamline data management and automate complex processes. Formerly known as Infosys Mana, this application gathers data relating to people, work processes, and legacy systems and puts them together into an autopilot knowledge base.

Infosys Nia serves to automate intricate and multifaceted business workflows. The benefits include automated systems, creative channels, reinvented organization, top-notch analytics, a strong knowledge base, and efficient operations. The features include data analytics, machine learning-based, knowledge processing, robotic process automation, predictive automation, and cognitive automation. It's supported on a number of platforms.

Infosys Nia supports machine learning models both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques

Features of Infosys Nia

Overview of Infosys Nia Features

  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning Platform
  • Knowledge Processing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Predictive Automation
  • Cognitive Automation


Infosys Nia has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact Infosys Nia to obtain current pricing.

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