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At Sestek, we believe in building technologies to increase life quality. With our conversational AI and Analytics solutions, we help companies to be data-driven. This means we help them understand customers better and focus on things to make their lives better. Conversational AI - We help companies use AI to automate customer-related processes, increase self-service rates and cut down their operational costs. Conversational Analytics - We analyze all customer-agent and customer-bot conversations to help companies understand the root cause behind customer issues and solve them faster.

Features of Sestek

  • Increase Efficiency and Performance Automate processes, evaluate performances objectively and ensure contact center operations are 100% efficient.
  • Make Decisions with Actionable Insights Analyze all customer-to-agent, customer-to-bot communications and understand the root cause behind customer issues.
  • Run Fraud-free Operations Smoothly Benefit from the most trusted security feature; the human voice, to provide fast, more secure customer services.

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