Product Details

Playment is a platform providing on-demand workers for tasks like transcription, image annotation, cataloging, content moderation, and more.

Playment is an enterprise solution that empowers the creation of training data to be used for computer vision models. It’s a fully managed platform that’s used and trusted by a variety of industry-leading businesses. It offers various essential services such as data collection, content moderation, text analysis, transcription, and image annotation.

Playment is a web-based labeling platform that eliminates inefficiencies for the annotator and the project manager via ML-assisted annotation tools and easy-to-use workflow management software.

Features of Playment

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image categorization
  • Ad moderation
  • Image annotation
  • Fully managed enterprise solutions
  • Data collection
  • Attribute extraction


Playment has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact Playment to obtain current pricing.

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