Top 6 AI Logo Generator Up Until Now- Smarter Than Midjourney

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Top 6 AI Logo Generator Up Until Now- Smarter Than Midjourney

A logo is the lifeblood of almost every brand. It has been a signature of business for centuries. But the challenge is creating a unique and artistic logo takes an undivided creative experience to get the edge. Where the AI logo generator comes in. If you are just getting started a business and trying to build your bottom line, then you may not be ready to spend thousands of dollars for just a single logo. Instead, you can take advantage of an AI logo generator when creating a world-class logo that most average designers have dreamed about for years. Let's invite your audience to remember your brand signature that the audience cares about anyway.

Importance of AI Logo Generator In Modern Business 

To create a strong brand personality, get connected with the audience, and create firm business values, a logo always comes first in place. Whether it's a client, customer, investor, or anyone in between, everyone will see your logo. It's like a brand dress. People notice and remember you by the style you wear on your brand. However, the bad news is it takes a huge amount of time and an overwhelming process to create a stunning logo that customers love. Where real expertise and experience also come in the first place. But still, many new or average designers make a logo that doesn't make sense. Where you can take advantage of a logo generator. It allows you to create and choose logos from versatile industries, colors, styles, and structures all in the same place. You can also edit your logo in any way you desire. Let's examine the best logo generator and create a masterful logo that serves your brand right.

1. LogoAI


Logo AI allows you to create a logo in a minute. No matter what kind of business you are in. Or the audience you are serving, whether it's local or global. It delivers the logo every way you expect today. It's smart, professional, and automated at the same time. You can choose any industry logo from real estate to retail to religion. It covers them all. Logo AI  permits you to choose the color, and design structure your way. Some of the similar things you can do with this tool are:

  • Only click background removal
  • Create banner ads, marketing materials
  • Generate brand mock ups
  • Design business cards
  • Design social media materials
  • Create profile image

When you think about the visual identity of your business, then there are a few capacities it carries to build your infrastructure. The narrow side of this AI is the pricing. You have to pay as you download the logo that you like. See the website, and check if it delivers your business needs now.

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If you're expecting to create a standard logo for free we have this website for you. It helps you to create your brand logo with just a few clicks. The way it works, you can place your name. It will show you the current business industry. Now, choose your desired color. Choose the style you like, including icons. You are done. You can also put the design keywords such as LTD, LLC, Inc., etc. A few characteristics this AI helps you add such as...

  • Slogan
  • Icon
  • Logo customization
  • Watch it before downloading
Yes, it's not a super stunning logo maker. But when you think about the free generator. Definitely, give it a try to see if it's actually generated the logo based on your business.

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3. Designhill


Have you ever connected with the design industry of any kind? If yes, you may already know how much impact Design Hill has created over the last few years in the Design industry all over the world. Design Hill is familiar with any form of brand marketing packaging, website design, and visual development. From basic to ultra-premium experts, you can expect all of them here. The best part is they newly launched the AI logo generator. You can create your brand logo in just a single click. Just put your business name. Hit the next. And it's done.

Except for the logo creation, here are a few works that you can hire from them:

  • Brand & Identity
  • Business & Advertising
  • Packaging & Advertising
  • Website & App
  • Social Media
  • Illustration & Art
  • Book & Megazine
  • Clothing & Merchandise
I cannot explain the power of this company enough. Because they are experts in their domain. The hardest part is you may not be able to work with them unless your budget is quite good. 

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4. Logobean


Logobean is popular as an entrepreneurial logo creator. Simply, choose the name, slogan, and theme of your industry, whether it's general or business. Hit the next button to get it complete. The unique function of the AI is the editing option. Yes, you can edit the logo after it's done. Most Ai logo generators haven't been provided so far. It also delivers the logo in different colors for your branding. Create a layout and alignment on your requirements. Another unique component you get is the advanced panel. Which creates all your marketing material in a single shot.

Which can be...

  • Presentation
  • Landing page
  • Apparel
  • Social Media
  • Brochure
  • Transport
  • Logo card
  • 3D station

And everything you need for branding and the way it should look. Surely, it is one of the iron-clad logo generators. However, it doesn't allow you to download the logo for free. It's premium. Which is the only setback of this AI.

Start at: $29

5. Logomaster.AI


Did you ever think about a logo maker for everyone to create a logo within 5 minutes or less? Have you ever tried the royalty-free logo that allows you to save 10X of your budget with a highly professional package? Logo master designed for that.

What you need to do to create a logo is to choose your category, pick reference and color, pick a slogan, and add the icon you are done with.

Here is what you'll get from this:

  • Create a logo for any business
  • Choose a template from a large library
  • Download it from a different format

You also get a few advantages such as...

  • Print ready files
  • Edit the file or redownload
  • Higher resolution
  • All colors included

It has three packages, including the basic to the enterprise. We discovered that 3000+ companies are using this tool for generating their logo. The logo you want to generate using Logomaster can be created for the below industry.

  • Personal Branding
  • Product and start up
  • Business
  • Companies, Organization, and Community.

An additional tool includes the website builder. They mainly use the WIX technology to build the website. The problem you face is that it's not designed for free logo generation. You need to pay first to download your logo after creating it.

Start at: $39

6. Design Evo


Have you ever thought about creating a custom logo for your brand? Design Evo is one of the biggest places to explore first. It contains 10,000+ templates for your logo based on your requirements. The way it's developed is you just search for the design template you like from the library based on your niche. Then, choose any of the logo templates you like. You can choose two options here, similar or customized.

Either choose your logo template or customize it for your brand. It will automatically deliver your dreamed logo. 

A few advantages you'll get just by choosing the DesignEvo are...

  • Free Million of vector icon
  • 100+ Fonts
  • Versatile Color Schemes like solid/gradients, etc

If you are wondering about the types of logos you create for business, they are:

  • Social Profiler logo
  • Software Logo
  • Company logo
  • Organization logo
  • Brand logo 
  • Business /Website logo

The challenging part is when you create any logo and start downloading it, you have to pay for it. Another limitation is that it's only designed for logos You can't work with other additional components using this AI. Let's sit back and see if it actually creates your logo as your brand demands.

Start at: $24.99

Things to consider while choosing the logo AI generator

From the hundreds of logo generators, it is tough to find one. We face the same challenges as we have been searching for a long time.

Finally, discover some crucial components you must focus on before choosing a logo generator. And here they are...

  • Business name: helps you choose your business name on the logo, full name, or the shorter version.
  • Industry: Guide you to choose the desired industry you're in.
  • Keyword: add the extension of your business name.
  • Color: pick the color based on your brand palate.
  • Icon: add the most relevant icon with the logo
  • Editing: edit after the logo is done for little changes to look perfect.

These are the features and mandatory elements every logo generator should have to get the result you need.


These are the market-leading AI Logo Generators you can see for your brand. Yes, there are many others out there. I highly suggest you choose one of them. Because if you need the free or premium at the same time, then you have both choices here. Let's give a trial of the free version first. See if you can save some money before getting started. Or choose the premium for your largest needs.