The Top 6 AI Voice Generator Tools

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The Top 6 AI Voice Generator Tools

If you're looking for the best AI voice generator to produce a high-class professional voice, you're in the right spot. With the help of the AI voice, you can supercharge your content creation workflow in every way you can imagine. With the help of the AI voice, you can supercharge your content creation workflow. But here is a catch, there are lots of tools that provide AI voice. Thus finding the right tool for your workflow is hard. But after doing deep research and examining dozens of the best AI tools all along, I can guarantee that the below tools are the best in many ways. Listen; what makes a useful AI is the way it is architected and able to produce the result we want. And every tool here allows it to happen. If you're committed to getting your job done in a professional manner, let's get started.

What Is An AI Voice?

AI voice is a synthetic or artificial voice-generating procedure that involves changing the completed real voice or voice frequency using Machine learning techniques. You can control the voice and customize it any way you desire. Now used for both professional and personal use. The way it works is by converting text to speech. Give the tool some text you want to convert, and it will deliver the voiceover based on your text. This can also enhance or lower the voice level based on your requirements. It's like a PDF converter we've been using online for a long time. You upload a document and hit the PDF converter. It's done.

Why is AI Voice Crucial?

There are a few reasons you must consider an AI voice. Because not everybody has a professional voice. Which takes a huge amount of expertise and budget. But if you need a frequent voiceover, It may cost you more. And always getting the best voiceover artist at an affordable price is quite a hard job to maintain. One can easily use an AI voice generator to save a large amount of money and time.

Some of the noticeable benefits you can take from this such as:

  • Creating versatile Marketing Content.
  • Deal with the Academic Assignments.
  • Reduce the Workload. 
  • Create Brand Voice.

And if you want to consistently personalize your voice in every way to communicate with the audience, you want a more compelling way. Then, nothing is cheaper, faster, or smarter than a voice generator.

Market Leading AI Voice Generating Tools- 2023 Top-Pick

Before we begin, I want you to understand first that for every generator we put here for a reason. Do not wonder why you use the other one.

Let's discover your best match and be a breakthrough with a professional AI voice.

1. Listnr

The first tool we placed on our list is the Listnr. It works in 124 versatile languages. Here, you have access to over 900+ professional voices. The company claims it is an elastic human sound that is embeddable in the audio player.

Here are the features you'll get inside the Tools: 

  • Videos
  • Text to Video
  • Video Sales letters
  • Audio Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Voiceovers
  • eLearning Material, etc.

The most common features it contains are: 

  • TTS Editor
  • Podcast Hosting
  • AI Podcast
  • Audio Player
  • Text to Speech API

Is there any downside? It doesn't "Hold On Message" and is unable to deliver animation.  You would not be able to use it for gaming as well. Do not believe my words. First, check it yourself and see if it's the right fit.

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2. Synthesys

The second AI voice generator we got on the list is Synthesys. It works for both video and voice at the same time. Using these tools, you can create your own avatar for professional content for your business. It doesn't require any credit card or signup when trusted by many companies like Yahoo, Tata, Nvidia, Coca-Cola, and many more.

The features it includes all together are:

  • 140+ languages Support.
  • Full HD Video Delivery.
  • Correct Lip Syncing.
  • 70+ Different ai-avatar.
  • Create multiple actors' conversations at a time.

Here is the list of content you can create with this AI:

  • Animation
  • Presentation
  • Explainer video
  • Training video
  • Podcasts 
  • Video sales letter.

Is there any downside?

Here is the catch. You wouldn't be able to see the human create the voice without buying the app.

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PlayHt promises to deliver the Humankind realistic sound with all the emotion it requires. It works for different areas of content, like:

  • AI Voice Delivery
  • Premium AI Voice
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text to voice editor
  • Phonetic & Punctuation
  • AI Podcasts Team Access 
  • Audio Widget
  • Male Voice Generator
  • Female Voice Generator.

To use it you can have a huge list of learning materials such as Blog posts, Podcasts, API documents, and anything you need to use errorlessly. The limitation is it doesn't work with Animation or Gaming of any kind. Which depends on what kind of purpose you need to accomplish. But you can simply integrate it with WordPress and any form of text-to-speech today. I don't know what kind of language you prefer most but PLAYht claims to work on almost every language.

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4. Murf.AI

Whether you're a product developer, author, educator, marketer, podcaster, coach, or animator, you have a few things to do with this AI voice generator. Murf is considered one of the big names in the AI voice world. You can generate voice in a versatile style and create many useful content when you need it. Whether it's corporate, enterprise, or any other entertainment content, it works for each.

The contents it delivers are:

  • Text to speech.
  • Voice Cloning
  • Presentation
  • Audiobook
  • Podcast
  • Product demo
  • Explainer video
  • Ads 
  • Video games, etc.

The useful part of this, you can integrate it with Canva and Google Slide. The boundary of the AI is the language. It delivers content in only 20+ languages. Which may not be useful for everyone in every area of the planet. The company offers 4 different pricing plans based on the specific requirements. So check yourself first before you plan for the longer ride. 

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5. Spechify

If you have ever thought about AI voice that seemingly works with Chrome, iOS, Microsoft Edge, Mac, and Android altogether, it's Speechify. Some features it can produce are below:

  • Text to speech.
  • Ai voice studio
  • Audiobooks

The company claims it is a natural-sounding human that you can hear it any pwe should not include what the company says about the product. We should make the reader feel that we used the tools, which is also capable of connecting with all forms of messenger, collaboration tools, document types, social media, etc. The bad side of this AI is not having a wide list of languages. You'll be able to use it for dozens of most common languages.

Speechify carries a large list of resources to errorlessly use and find solutions whenever you need them. 

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6. Animaker Voice

The last but quite interesting AI Voice Generator I would like to talk about is the Animaker. This tool is familiar as a one-stop AI voice app that incorporates total control of your voice, breathing, and break pitch at the same time. Here are the few elements you'd be able to create with this.

  • Youtube Intros
  • Branding Videos
  • Product Explainer Video.
  • Surprise Videos
  • Tik Tok Videos
  • Instagram Reels, etc.

It has a big list of features. That helps you to work with different social media, video types, deck presentations, visual communication, and many more. The overwhelming side of this AI is the many features packed in one place. Which may make people confused sometimes. If you don't need so many tools together, do not get distracted using them. It is mostly designed for enterprise. If this is something you are looking for then you can give it a try.

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How to choose the best AI voice generator?

As AI becomes the focus of content creation and other communication, there is so much in it. You’ll find dozens of benefits in one single tool. It can be hard to narrow down the list and pick one. The wise way to do it: List your requirements. Then give 3-4 AI free tests. See which one gives you the best outcome you want then continue it.


Yes, there are many AI voice generators out there we can put here. But throughout the research, this is the best list you can compare with anything from the existing market. There are a few disadvantages you can notice when you look at society. People can do many harmful jobs just by using the AI voice. It delivers almost a human voice, so anyone can clone anyone's voice and use it for a bad personal cause. Which may lead to the disaster in many ways. Aside from this, if you’re planning for good reason then choose the best voice generator from the list we place above. Let's get your job to rock and roll in a minute.