Best 9 AI Story Generator Tools

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Best 9 AI Story Generator Tools

An AI story generator is a text-generative AI that can generate short and long-form written content. 

Since the rise of generative AI, hours of writing content have become a breeze, and with the rapid growth of this technology, you get more tools to make long-form text.

We have tested the web’s most popular AI story generator tools and listed the most helpful ones in this article. Let’s check out all these AI tools and their special features that you can use to improve your writing workflow.

Why is an AI Story Generator Important?

Writing is more difficult than you think because the process that goes into writing a story for some authors includes brainstorming to generate incredible ideas that will captivate your readers, building a unique world or story setting, developing each character with a unique personalities, and making a great story plot that resonates with everything else.All of these tasks combined can be a lot to handle and can even lead to writer's block which is why AI story generators are helpful to break down some of the serious stuff and keep you going with writing a great story..

A huge warning before using any of these generative tools is to not completely depend on them because they have a limit to their capacity and can produce overused stories for your readers. Focus on mixing up your creativity with the features offered by these tools.

Top AI Story Generator 2023

The best AI story generator tools help writers with idea generation, planning, writing, or even all to reduce repetitive and overwhelming tasks.


copy_ai is one of the leading text generators known for creating being good at long-form content creation including creating an epic story. We highly recommend this tool because of the powerful and simplified features it offers. Here’s what you can look out for with this text-generator:

  • An Infobase to help you keep and re-use vital and consistent information
  • Post content in your brand voice to automatically train this AI to create content using the same tone
  • Pre-made templates to help you get started if you are a newbie in using AI
  • A section to bookmark or save your favorite tools and projects

Another reason why this AI tool is usually highly recommended is that it is beginner-friendly and suitable to be used by people with no prior knowledge of AI.  You get free credits at the start of using this project. A downside to using this tool is that the free credit is very limited and doesn’t allow you to explore all the features.

Start at: FREE



Jasper AI is another widely used text generator that lives up to the hype. Aside from being extremely functional, this tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Here are the features you should expect when using this text generator:

  • A project dashboard to show you all you’ve worked on
  • A recipe page that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create different categories of long-form content
  • Plagiarism checker to guarantee originality
  • An additional image generator to add more life and boost engagement with your content no matter how long it is
  • You get several kinds of templates from Jasper AI to create any story content you want to
  • You can translate your long text in any of the 25+ languages offered on this platform for your specific audience

Jasper AI is remarkable for its powerful functionality and the results it provides. YOu can start using this platform with a free trial before you go on to upgrade to a basic, business, or custom plan. One thing we don’t like about Jasper AI for story writing is that it is more focused on creating marketing content so it may not be ideal for all writers.

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3. Sudowrite


Sudowrite has been approved by top publishers like Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, and their verdict on this software is the same as ours. This text-centric generative AI is best for writers who have an understanding or basic idea of what they need but have hit a block. Here’s what to expect while using Sudowrite:

  • A write feature that reads your text and helps you complete the next few paragraphs
  • A prompt bar to help you out with a first draft of your command
  • Various results to choose from based on what you need. You can insert your desired story into the main console
  • A beta canvas feature to help you out with planning your account including plots, characters, and assigning roles.
  • You can brainstorm ideas on any part of your story from world-building to amazing plots
  • Get detailed and precise descriptions of characters and feelings.
  • Create poems to include in your story under the More tab

While this tool offers simplicity for beginners, it lacks in-depth features that may be more helpful to some writers. You can start for free, then subscribe to the student’s, professional, or max plan.

Start at: $10/month

4. Plot Factory


Plot Factory is another user-friendly and simplified writing tool for beginners who don’t need technical complexity. Because writing a great story is a big task, here are some of the things you can achieve with Plot Factory:

  • Create your world with the universe feature which allows you to set rules, laws, themes, time settings, and other properties
  • Create your character sheets with detailed tools 
  • Kickstart your writing journey with tools that help you out from the start from your chapter outline to all the details you need till the end
  • Create questionnaires you need to make your story better

You can access some features and create limited stories for free, however, some features are locked to users in the free mode. You can upgrade to the hobbyist, enthusiast, or novelist plan to make the most of this tool.

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5. StoryLab


StoryLab is a great storytelling tool that helps you craft and refine your ideas into text that’s even better for your readers. This AI tool is widely trusted by writers around the globe, and here are some features you should expect when using this tool:

  • A prompt bar that collects details and descriptions to craft nice stories
  • An option to select your desired tone of voice from professional to persuasive to sassy
  • An Intro generator to help you out at the start of every chapter and stir ideas from you
  • You can create outlines for each chapter of your story

Overall, this tool is awesome for writers who are more focused on writing than on planning, but on the downside, it doesn’t produce detailed results. You can start for free after signing up, then you can upgrade to a premium plan to get the most out of this tool.

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This is a basic writing tool best for beginners who need simplicity and want to focus on writing. The features that come with this tool are not as many as others, however, they help you get the job done just right. Here’s  what to expect with this tool:

  • A tab to write with an AI assistant to help you during writer’s block
  • You can write a story on your own with a conversational AI chatbot asking and commenting on your work
  • You get to work with your fellow writers on several projects with this tool

This is a beta app so it is completely free to use for now, however, it is not the best at generating long text that may qualify as a chapter draft.

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7. NovelAI


NovelAI is indeed a novel solution for all writers looking to build amazing worlds, characters, and a great story. This tool is great if you want to plan how your story will be and you want to execute these plans right away. Here’s what to expect with this AI story generator:

  • A storyteller feature to help you write alongside a conversational AI assistant
  • A text adventure that automatically provides descriptions based on prompts and commands you give it. The best part of this feature is that the prompt can be a single sentence.
  • A creative panel to inspire your next big idea

As a free start, you get 50 generations even without an account. From there, you can go on to upgrade your account to get the features you need. While this AI tool helps with idea generation, it tends to stray away from the main point or prompt.

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8. InferKit


Inferkit is a next-generation text-generation AI that can support novelists just the way it supports developers. As it is verified by several users, it provides the basics to help out with just your writing which means there are not many features included. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A checkbox to indicate that you want your AI to start from the beginning
  • A bar to indicate the number of text you want your AI assistant to generate
  • A space to include a keyword
  • An option to enable pause at the end

For starters, you can generate up to 10,000 words weekly. However, the free trial doesn’t offer a lot of the premium features you should be expecting.

Start at: $20/month

9. MyTales


This is another simplified AI story generator that comes up with great ideas easily and streamlines your writing process to ensure you hit your goal. Here's what to expect with this AI story generator:

  • An AI assistant that writes with a keyword prompt 
  • An image generator that describes characters and provides other necessary visuals.
  • An edit button to help you make necessary edits

The image generator with this tool does not accurately describe scenes and characters from your story. Starting with this tool is completely free and you get just 5 sections of the story. To access features beyond that, you need to upgrade to the available plans.

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There are a lot of AI tools writers use to boost their productivity, revamp their ideas, and write their stories without any breaks. Whether you are an enthusiast or you are a novelist, the tools recommended in this article will solve your writer's block and assist you in creating groundbreaking story ideas. Some of the tools mentioned in this article also help with world-building, planning, outlining, character-building, and plot development.