Robotics Books that You Can Buy

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Robotics Books that You Can Buy
Once upon a time, humans used small motors to give power and control the electricity in machines. The situation developed with technology and the concept of making robots. Machines are designed and developed so that they can help humans in critical work and also in daily life. So, this is now known as "Robotics." Introducing this part of technology has reduced human efforts and the risk to do impossible possible things.

So here are some suggestions of robotics books that might help you to know about "Robotics" for your learning & implementation in various purposes.

Author: Mckinnon, Peter
Published at: 28/01/2016
ISBN: 1523731516

If you have a fascination & love for modern technology, especially in Robotics then this book is for you!

From this book you'll learn:

  • Description of many hardware & components.
  • The difference among sensors, motors, manual & digital brain & so on.
  • You'll also run how to build a robot's body and how to improve it in the competitive world.
  • This book will also teach you the construction of the Autonomous Wall Climbing Robot.

Author: Timmons-Brown, Matt
Published at: 22/01/2019
ISBN: 1593279205

To be familiar with Robotics using Raspberry Pi and get knowledge to code your own robots with microcomputers this book will give you the right direction.

From this book you will learn:

  • How to control a robot using a single Wii remote.
  • Teaching the robots how to avoid obstacles using sensors.
  • How to program the robot to follow a line autonomously.
  • You will be able to see what robots see with a Wi camera.

Author: Benedettelli, Daniele
Published at: 27/11/2018
ISBN: 1593279329

If you want to have fun with building robots & use codes as brick then this book will help you to guide the LEGO BOOST set & you will be able to build your own robots.

This book will help you to learn:

  • Building two types of robots, one is BrickPecker which can be used to organize bricks another is CYBOT which is able to talk, shoot, and can execute commands.
  • Your basic understanding of robotics will be more appropriate.
  • You will learn coding with more examples with proper explanations.

Author: Warren, John-David
Published at: 15/07/2011
ISBN: 1430231831

Working with robots in the world of robotics you have to know how Arduino controlling varies in different robots, the necessity of following steps to build robots. This robotics book will help you to get proper directions for all of this.

This book will help you to learn:

  • Introduction to Arduino and the essential components.
  • Process of building motor controllers.
  • Building complex robots with sensors and motors.

Author: Staple, Danny
Published at: 12/02/2021
ISBN: 1839218800

In this modern civilization, risky tasks are being automated and robots are built according to needs. This book will help you to learn to make robots with efficiency.

You will learn:

  • Basic programming of robotics and how to build an intellectual robot.
  • How to program the robot to respond with commands.
  • Teaching the robot to avoid barriers using sensors.

Author: Hughes, Cameron
Published at: 12/05/2016
ISBN: 0789755009

This book is filled with experiences of years on AI, tasks execution of robots, and robot programming basics.

This book will help you:

  • How to program robots using sensors and motors.
  • How to perform tasks with the execution of the robot's arm.
  • Programming for a robot with Arduino.
  • Learning programming techniques with LEGO, Mindstorms EV3, ARM7 & ARM9 robots.

Author: Tripathi, Alok Mani
Published at: 28/03/2018
ISBN: 178847094X

If you are interested in automation, RPA tools, and UiPath then this book is a perfect match for you.

Your journey with automation will be smooth once you are introduced to automating you will be able to do the hands-on practice. This book will not only help you to build a software-based bot but also perform it in different tasks.

This book will also help you to learn:

  • A piece of great knowledge of robotics automation.
  • For deploying robotics configuration it will teach you UiPath programming.
  • Exception handling, logging & debugging a programmed robot.
  • Maintaining code to control bots.

Author: Brombach, Lloyd
Published at: 29/01/2021
ISBN: 9389423465

In detecting obstacles you have to learn how to use sensors and how to build them up and train them to do the tasks and avoid barriers. So to clarify all these things this book is efficient for you.

You will learn from this book:

  • How to write code for the motor drivers.
  • How to draw a map using Lidar Data.
  • More knowledge of robot mapping and navigation.

Author: Mendoza-Mendoza, Julio Alberto
Published at: 04/02/2020
ISBN: 1484255305

If you are a beginner this book will help you to reach a higher level of your learning of robotics programming. By the end of this book, you will learn to build your own bots using pixwhak software.

You will learn:

  • Implementation of elementary controls in any vehicle.
  • Appropriate selection of software and hardware for vehicles.
  • Using effective packages for the development of software and hardware.
  • Identification of processes and complexity.

Author: Javed, Adeel
Published at: 02/04/2021
ISBN: 1484267931

To start a journey with automation and focusing on RPA tools this book will help you a lot. You will know about many functions like the RPA platform, debugging, and error handling.

You will also learn:

  • Building robots from the basic level.
  • Interaction of PDF and automation of Excel.
  • Using UiPath building testing automation tasks of enterprise.
  • A clear understanding of the Uipath's components.

Author: Grimmett, Richard
Published at: 14/08/2014
ISBN: 1783989823

Arduino is a microcontroller to build circuits. This robotics book is for those who are curious about creating robotics projects using Arduino. From learning the use of your PC to creating projects this book will help you.

You will learn:

  • Build and develop robots that would be able to fly, go underwater or swim.
  • Basics of Arduino and its commands.
  • Using components like a compass, sensors, and so on.

Thanks for reading this post. These Robotics books are highly recommended for learning robotics. If you have any opinions don't hesitate to comment here. Also please subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates.