Virtual assistant final year project ideas and guidelines

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Artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can organize a genuine human-machine interaction through voice, communication, gestures, facial expressions, and other means are becoming popular.
Virtual assistants are software applications that assist you with day-to-day duties such as weather forecasting, preparing remainders, and building shopping lists, among other things. There are numerous virtual assistants available, including Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana.
So, if you're a final-year student and looking for a project in Artificial Intelligence, developing your own virtual assistant is a great option. In this article, I will provide you with various virtual assistant final year project ideas and supply the necessary resources and tools to build your own virtual assistant.

1. Build Your Own Python Virtual Assistant

Using Python and PortAudio, a virtual assistant similar to Alexa is created in this project. For computers, PortAudio is an open-source audio playback and recording library. It's a cross-platform library, which means that programs developed using it will run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

You may make your own Alexa by following the instructions in this article.

2. AI Desktop Voice Assistant

Imagine how much easier it would be to send emails without typing a single word, to do Wikipedia searches without opening a browser, and to carry out a variety of other daily operations such as playing music with just a single voice command. This AI assistant can send emails, play music, do Wikipedia searches, capable of opening websites in a web browser.

You can follow this article to build your own desktop AI assistant.

3. Simple Voice-controlled Virtual Assistant

In this tutorial, In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PyCharm and Python to develop a simple voice-controlled virtual assistant.
The virtual assistant will be capable of Playing any video from YouTube and Searching for any information on Wikipedia.

4. AI Virtual Assistant TARS with Python

TARS can assist you in automating operations such as searching for and playing videos on YouTube, sending emails, opening websites, searching for and reading information on Wikipedia, receiving weather forecasts for your country, greetings, and more. You will improve your Python knowledge and discover several important libraries/tools by building TARS.

You can visit the article or Github repository to get the details about the project.

5. Virtual Assistant for Desktop Using Python

From this article, you can make a desktop-based assistant. It can automate your daily tasks like greeting, telling the date, time, news, weather, jokes, sending emails, sending messages, opening something on a computer, and much more.

6. Build a Digital Virtual Assistant in Python

This article will lead you through the fundamentals of creating your own digital virtual assistant in Python, including voice activation and responses to a few simple questions. You can then configure it to accomplish any activities you require.

7. Virtual Desktop Assistant Using Python

Python offers a good major library that can be used to create a virtual assistant. Sapi5 for Windows and Espeak for Linux are two programs that can enable us to get a voice from our computer.

From this article, you can make a desktop-based assistant.

8. AI Virtual Assistant Using Python

Our virtual assistant will be able to do the following: weather forecasting, launch games, launch Windows applications, open websites, tell you nearly anything you want, give you the date and time, greet you, and provide you with news, among other things. You can use the microphone/console on your laptop to communicate. The assistant's response will appear on the console or as a speech through the speaker.

You can follow the article or Github repository to build your own AI virtual assistant.

9. Virtual-Assistant

From this Github repository you can build an AI virtual assistant that can perform Google searches, display restaurant recommendations Send emails, play audio and media files, display weather forecasts based on the specified location, display the calendar of a specified year, perform YouTube video searches. Here NLP code uses a simplified version of the Multinomial Naive Bayes Algorithm.

10. Speech Recognition Virtual Assistant

Following this Youtube playlist, you will get a step-by-step tutorial on making your own virtual assistant.

Now you have some virtual assistant project ideas to choose for your final year project. Also this projects will develop your skill in the field and prepare you for your future workforce.

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