Self-Driving car research topics and guidelines

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For decades, autonomous vehicles have been a hot topic of research. The use of a front-looking camera for vehicle localization and navigation, environment mapping, and obstacle avoidance has been the subject of hot research topics. Several technology companies and institutions have demonstrated a strong interest in autonomous vehicles or self-driving automobiles in recent years, investing significant technical and financial resources in research and development.

If you are planning to do some research and are keen to make a publication on self-driving cars, here is the article for you. Here we will provide you guidelines, research papers and show active areas of research in this field.

1. Obstacle detection and avoidance in autonomous cars

With the aid of a combination of sensors, cameras, and radars, autonomous cars can detect their surroundings and commute to their goal. Advanced control systems can analyze sensor data to detect impediments and determine the best appropriate navigation course for the vehicle. To bring the concept of self-driving automobiles to reality, huge research has been conducted.

This is an interesting topic to research. Here are some research papers on this topic of some renowned researchers are given below.

2. Decision-making method for self-driving car

For the development of autonomous cars, decision-making models that can deal with complex and dynamic urban intersections are essential. One of the most difficult aspects of safely running autonomous cars is properly detecting the status of other participants while also factoring in safety and efficiency.

Here are some research papers on this topic of some renowned researchers are given below.

3. Traffic signal and sign detection in a self-driving car

Although traffic sign recognition is a relatively simple piece of technology, many drivers find it to be a very valuable aid. Front-mounted cameras can detect signposts and warn the driver to speed restrictions and other information via notifications on the car's digital display.

If you are also interested in the algorithm of traffic signal and sign detection of self-driving cars here is some previous research work for you.

4. Security in autonomous driving

The protection of automotive electronic systems, communication networks, control algorithms, software, users, and underlying data against malicious assaults, damage, illegal access, or manipulation is known as cybersecurity in the context of road vehicles.

If you are also interested to know how secure a self-driving car is, here is some previous research work for you.

5. Software and hardware architecture of the self-driving car

localization, detection, motion planning, and mission planning are all software components of the self-driving car's architecture. We also call attention to the hardware modules that operate the vehicle. State-of-the-art algorithms for localization, detection, mission, and mobility planning are utilized in autonomous driving.

If you are also interested in experimenting and implementing or know the internal architecture of self-driving cars, some previous research works for you.

6. Acceptance of self-driving car

Attitudes, perceived behavior control, and trust were shown to be important variables in predicting the desire to utilize autonomous cars by the researchers. All the success of the field depends on how people accepting it and how much trust they have in it. So it would be a good research topic what people are thinking about it.

If you are also interested to know the acceptance and future of self-driving cars, here is some previous research work for you. 

7. The socio-economic impact of self-driving car

In the next years, autonomous cars have the potential to have a huge influence on society. On the plus side, the number of vehicle collisions may be decreased, and travel time might be better utilized, resulting in an annual social benefit of about $750 billion in the United States alone.

So if you are also interested in the socio-economic impact of self-driving cars, some previous research works for you.

So if you are a researcher or planning to do research or a thesis on self-driving cars, now you have some topics to choose from. These papers will assist you in developing your skills and show guidelines in your research work.

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