Self-Driving car final year project ideas and guidelines

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Today, many giant automobile companies are trying to manufacture their own self-driving cars. Many analysts predict that within 30 years, we will start to have fully autonomous cars running in our cities. So, if you are a final year student and want to make an Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning final year project, building your very own self-driving car would be a great choice. In this article, I will guide you through some self-driving car project ideas and provide the necessary resources to guide you to build your own physical self-driving car.

1. LIDAR based Self Driving Car

One of the most crucial sensors for self-driving automobiles is LiDAR. It's essentially a gadget that emits light pulses that bounce off an object and return to a LiDAR sensor, which calculates the item's distance. The LiDAR generates a 3D Point of the object and perceives the physical environment and makes decisions and avoids the obstacle.

In this project, a lidar sensor is used to detect the obstacle and the self-driving car perceives the physical environment and acts accordingly.

You can visit their official website or youtube channel to get the details about the project.

2. Building an Autonomous Car using a 1/10th Scale RC Car

The main objective of this project is to build an autonomous car that can navigate properly. It is using GPS, LIDAR, and other sensors to navigate to GPS waypoints, avoid obstacles, and return to the start position.

This is four-part series on building a miniature self-driving car from scratch, all the hardware and software part of the project is described step by step.

  • Part 1 is on ROS setup

  • Part 2 is on the sensor suite

  • Part 3 is on the microcontroller

  • Part 4 is on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1. 

It will give a clear understanding of developing a self-driving car.

3. Traffic Light detecting Self Driving RC Car

This is a mini AI project to convert your RC car to handle self-driving on the track, collision avoidance, and stop sign, and traffic light detection.

You can find a demo video of the project on their youtube channel. To know details about the project you can visit their official website, for source code you can visit GitHub.

4. Tesla Model RC Self-driving RC Car - Make your own Tesla

Tesla Model RC is a self-navigating, electric, battery-powered RC car.  The goal is to use GPS navigation to get to the location specified on a self Android application While navigating, the vehicle integrates data from various sensors to understand its environment and avoid impediments in its route.

In this tutorial, you will be enlightened about the software and hardware architecture of a self-driving car and the guidelines to build your own project.

You can learn more about this project at this link and watch a demo video of the project on youtube.  

5. Self Driving Car with Lane Detection

In this project, a self-driving car with lane detection using Raspberry pi is developed. First of all, they focus on the hardware side and then focused on the code with a detailed explanation. Here your car will understand its routes and act accordingly to move forward.

You can learn step by step from the youtube playlist or visit the website to know more about the project.

6. Build your own Autonomous Robocar

The project demonstrates how to construct a tiny Robocar that can drive independently using  Machine Learning. Off-the-shelf Android hardware components are used. The hardware implementation and software development steps of the projects are shown step by step in the article. 

To know details about the project you can go through the article and for source code, you can visit the  GitHub Repo.

7. Developing Self-Driving RC Car — Serverless Control

This is five-part series on building a miniature self-driving car from scratch with software and hardware implementation. 

  • Part 1 is on Equipment & Plan 

  • Part 2 is on Hardware Setup 

  • Part 3 is on Manual Control using Raspberry Pi & Python

  • Part 4 is on Everything In Place

  • Part 5 is on Serverless Control using Computer Vision.

It will give a clear understanding on make a self-driving car.

So, now you have some of the self-driving car project ideas to choose from. These tasks will assist you in developing your skills in this field. Furthermore, these projects will not only put you on the route to becoming a specialist, but they will also prepare you for the workforce. Whether you're a novice or currently working in this area, you may try out these extremely fascinating projects.

If you are interested to learn more about self-driving cars you can visit our self-driving tutorial section.

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