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Launch your business’ digital initiatives with Ubidots’ intuitive IoT application development and cloud platform. System Integrators and OEMs effortlessly self-construct business applications to collect, analyze, and visualize a system’s sensor or digital data to deliver agile business applications that improve KPIs and services.

Hiring an engineering team to develop business applications that function and look great is costly in both time and money. Save development costs and headaches with Ubidots pre-built analytics and visualization tools and effortlessly connect hardware to the Cloud to power your products and data-driven services.

Ubidots engineering stack delivers a secure, white-glove experience with device friendly APIs (accessed over HTTP/MQTT/TCP/UDP protocols) to simply and securely connect hardware and digital inputs to Ubidots Cloud where it can be analyzes and formulated into business improving solutions. Ubidots exists for businesses and researchers to connect devices efficiently, manage data, and visualize the digital aspects of an environment with ease.

Features of Ubidots

Proven Device Libraries -  More than 80 device libraries to help you quickly connect any Internet-enabled device to the Ubidots Cloud. Our libraries are constantly used and tested by 40,000+ strong Ubidots community, contributing to their stability.

Live Dashboards - Create real-time dashboards to analyze your data or control your devices. Share your data through public links, or by embedding it into your mobile or web application.

Time-series storage and playbackEven - the smallest IoT deployments can generate millions of data points per month. As your dataset grows, maintaining such infrastructure demands valuable engineering time that you could put to a better end. Our time-series backend can ingest or retrieve millions of data-points in a few seconds, helping you scale your application seamlessly.

Data Analytics - Seeing is believing and Ubidots users are able to see the results of their work and drive decision making thanks to Ubidots Analytics Engine. This data computation and cloud function engine allow users to compute mathematical, statistical, and scheduled logic functions to deliver the data and insights to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Events and Alarms - Stay in the know or alert those who need to know first with Ubidots Events Engine. Send SMS, EMAIL, TELEGRAM, and WEBHOOKS to individuals and M2M for efficient data notices and automation controls.

End-user Access - Deploy your IoT Apps directly to those who need to know with Ubidots User Management and Authentication. System Integrators and OEMs have all the tools they need to develop and deploy IoT solutions. 


IoT Entrepreneur








All plans include

  • 1,000 Ubifunctions executions per month
  • 1,000 events executions per month
  • 100 Email and telegram alerts per month
  • 10 SMS and 1 Voice call per month

Overage Costs Across Plans

      • $5 per million dots ingested and stored for 2 years
      • $1 per million extracted dots
      • $10 per million events executions
      • $5 per million Ubifunctions executions
      • $2 per thousand Email or Telegram alerts sent
      • SMS and Voice calls based on receiving country
      • $25 per 50 additional end-users per month
      • $49 per additional White label App per month

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      Machine LearningMachine Learning

      Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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