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MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It's fun, it's free, and it's entirely geeky. Written in Perl, it fires events based on time, web, socket, voice, and serial data. It currently runs on Windows 95 or newer and on most Unix based platforms, including Linux and Mac OSX.

Features of MisterHouse

In the broadest sense, MiserHouse can control anything capable of being remotely controlled or monitor anything that can be queried by a computer. If you can code it, it can be done. It is difficult to provide an accurate and complete list of MisterHouse's features due to the ease in which we can all contribute new modules or code to MisterHouse. However, the following is at least a general overview of some features:

  • Executes actions based on voice input, time of day, file data, serial port data, and socket data. Serial and speech data can also be read or written to proxies on remote boxes.
  • It has a web interface to allow control and feedback from any browser, either on a local intranet or on the internet.
  • On Windows systems, it uses OLE calls to the free MS VR and TTS engines for voice recognition and text->speech. The high quality AT&T NaturalVoices TTS engine may also be used. If using IE, you can enable remote VR and TTS using an MS Agent.
  • On Unix systems, it uses the free Festival, flite, IBM ViaVoice and non-free AT&T NaturalVoices TTS speech engines for text->speech and on Linux IBM's ViaVoice engine for voice recognition. These engines can also be called from Windows version of mh.
  • Reads/writes any data from any serial attached device.
  • Speaks the speed, course, and position of vehicles, by interfacing to a ham radio modem (TNC).
  • Sends/receives X10 data from the X10 CM11 (ActiveHome) interface.
  • Sends wireless X10 data using the X10 CM17 (Firecracker) interface.
  • Supports all Insteon products, including i1 and i2cs devices
  • Build your own "user code" to do whatever you like
  • Send/receive data to the Ibutton family of devices, including the weather station.
  • Reads/writes data from the JDS interfaces (Stargate, Time Commandar, HomeBase) interface
  • Reads/writes data from the HomeVision interfaces
  • Reads/writes serial port data from the Weeder Technologies PIC kits that can process X10, digital, analog, callerID, and outgoing phone data.
  • Reads/writes to Applied Digital's CPU-XA and Ocelot interfaces via the cpuxad socket deamon.
  • Reads data from IRman infrared receiver serial interface and writes to X10 IR Commander wireless interface.
  • Code has been written for DSC Alarm pannels, Stargate LCD displays, Alpha BetaBrite LED displays, Slinke IR send/receive, Marrick X10, RCI X10 sprinklers, Xantech preamps, ISDN modems, voice modems, ComPool and Aqualink pool equipment.
  • Reads and writes from the lcdproc server which interfaces to inexpensive LCD modules and keypads.
  • Shares a modem for caller ID and paging.
  • Reads/writes internet mail, http, and ftp files unattended.
  • Sends/receive instant messages using AIM, MSN
  • Reads MS Outlook, Unix ical, or the built in Organizer calendar for event reminders and TV programing.
  • Uses free internet TV web pages to allow for VCR programing and show reminders.
  • Has an entertaining 'chatbox' web page that will listen to all your problems.
  • Can monitor NetGear RT311 / RT314 or LinkSys syslog router traffic, so you can track stuff like incoming web hits and online game time.
  • Logs weather data to the wunderground personal weather project.
  • Here is a list of some users written code files along with standard code files that demonstrate some other MisterHouse features.
  • You can use RSS readers to track various data.
  • Uses the rrd program to generate various graphs.
  • Support for xAP and xPL home automation protocols.

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