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Mycroft is an Open Source AI Voice Assistant. We're a transparent, customizable, and privacy-minded alternative to the current voice products on the market. A platform that lets you voice enable anything. Because Mycroft is open source, our software can be customized for brands and users alike--and integrated on any platform. It runs on Linux, can be built on a Raspberry Pi, and used with our Mark I hardware device. Our mission is to democratize AI and voice, giving anyone access to the technology that will soon be an integral part of their lives. Our open source community is central to our efforts, helping us create an AI that runs anywhere and interacts just like a human.

Features of Mycroft

  • Open source Mycroft is open source. This means that the code used by Mycroft can be inspected, copied, modified, and contributed back to the Mycroft community for everyone to enjoy.
  • Respecting your privacy Mycroft uses opt-in privacy. This means we will only record what you say to Mycroft with your explicit permission.
  • More hardware, more choices Mycroft runs on a wide range of software platforms and hardware - meaning that you can run Mycroft on the Devices you want.
  • Lightweight Mycroft is lightweight and will run on low-powered hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi 3. So if you're a Hacker, Maker or Hobbyist, it's the perfect platform for low cost experimentation.
  • Community Mycroft has a vibrant, engaged and helpful community.

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