Product Details

A user can import items and interaction data into the Gorse system. By using those data Gorse trains specific models to generate recommendation systems for a single user. Gorse wants to be a universal open-source recommender system that will be easily introduced to a wide range of online services.

A little secret, BoxDelivery, Mxiqi used Gorse’s recommendation system for their product recommendation to customers.

Features of Gorse

  • Multi-source Recommendation: It collects information from different sources and recommends the actual product by popular, latest, collaborative filtering and is ranked by click-through rate prediction.
  • AutoML: This AutoML helps to choose the best recommendation model and strategy by searching the model in the background.
  • Distributed Recommendation: It helps Single node training, distributed prediction, and horizontal scaling during the recommendation stage.
  • RESTful API: By giving RESTful APIs - it processes CRUD operation for data and recommendation instances.
  • Dashboard: For checking export, monitor, cluster status, and data import Gorse provides a dashboard


It is open-source.

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