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Gladys is an open-source program which runs on your Raspberry Pi. She integrates into your life, seamlessly communicating across your entire home network and your devices while checking your calendar.

Gladys wakes you up automatically because she knows that you need to be at work at 9 AM, and that according to the traffic, you'll need 30min to go to work with your car. She knows that you like 30 min to get ready. She wakes you up with a soft progressive warm light thanks to your Philips Hue, and puts a nice music in your room.

Gladys detects thanks to a motion sensor that you are getting out of bed. She immediately starts the wake-up scenario : she tells the coffee machine to prepare the coffee, and opens the blinds.

Everything is ready when you arrive. You are going to sleep, so you simply put your phone on your nightstand where a NFC tag is sticked. It immediately sends a request to Gladys to tell here you are going to sleep. She starts the "Going to sleep" scenario, and turns off all lights.


Community (free) Gladys Plus (9.99€/month)
Open-Source Software
Open-Source Software
Basic feature
End-to-End Encrypted Remote Access 

Daily Encrypted Backups

One-click Restore

Own tracks API Server

Private Slack Community

Support Open-Source Software

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