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Rainbird is at the forefront of knowledge work automation technology. It is a powerful ecosystem for re-engineering knowledge work enabling companies to automate and augment the work of their staff’s performance.

Rainbird helps businesses operate more intelligently. It does so by putting into auto-pilot knowledge-related tasks and augmenting humans when it comes to complex responsibilities. With Rainbird, companies have a smart machine that allows them to produce innovative solutions that have a transformative power for them.

Rainbird helps transform the company’s operations by augmenting the human knowledge workers with powerful tools. Rainbird stitches multiple systems together enabling users to automate repetitive tasks. Rainbird is enabling expertise to be embedded in business systems. This is leading to more efficient and consistent knowledge work. Businesses can use Rainbird to create systems capable of making nuanced decisions that learn from outcomes and challenges. Rainbird can model and track business governance and compliance obligations and integrate the logic into the business processes utilizing real-time data. The result is greater operational compliance, reduced costs, and fewer breaches.

Features of Rainbird

  • Visual User Interface
  • Flexible Rule Engine
  • RBLang Intuitive Language
  • API Integration
  • One-Click Publishing
  • Contextual Interactions


Rainbird has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact Rainbird to obtain current pricing.

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