Watson Visual Recognition

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Find meaning in visual content! Analyze images for scenes, objects, and other content. Choose a default model off the shelf, or create your own custom classifier. Develop smart applications that analyze the visual content of images or video frames to understand what is happening in a scene. Features - General Model, Food Model, Custom Model, Explicit Model.

Features of Watson Visual Recognition

  • Easy Custom Training Quickly label images and train a model with Watson Studio’s easy to use training experience.
  • Visually Inspect Anything With a few images, train a computer vision model to detect damage on cars or parts of a circuit board using Watson Studio — a free workspace where you can create, test, and manage your custom models.
  • Bring AI into iOS apps with Core ML With Watson Visual Recognition for Core ML, you can build computer vision mobile apps with no downtime. Get started with Watson Studio to build, test, and deploy your own custom models to iOS.




Reserved instances


Doesn’t require a credit card and offers free access to over 40 IBM Cloud services including IBM Watson®.
You are only billed for the resources that you use without the hassle of commitments.
Comes with 1-year or 3-year term commitments and offers discounted pricing and guaranteed capacity.
Offers predictable billing and discounted rates in exchange for longer-term commitments.

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