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Advize combines AI-powered deep learning categorization, topic-modeling, sentiment analysis, and trend detection to help consumer companies understand their customers, and focus on high impact improvements that increase growth and customer loyalty.

Features of

  • Categorization Deep learning categorization accurately buckets customer comments. For highly accurate results, we build custom models that cover the customer journey and every key aspect of a given business.
  • Sentiment Analysis Advize uses advanced topic modeling and semantic role labeling to accurately attribute sentiment to how customer describes their experiences.
  • Prioritization Advize combines customer feedback, satisfaction scores, sentiment and reach to help you make data-driven prioritization decisions.
  • Segmentation Use advanced segmentation to understand how each customer segment perceives your business.
  • Anomaly detection Uncover trends with a real-time, data-driven approach that detects anomalies in feedback and alerts your team.
  • Powerful reporting Monitor progress and reveal the reasons behind changes. Enhance KPIs like NPS by understanding how each issue affects customer satisfaction.

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