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A collaborative text analytics platform for machine-learning.

We provide dozens of multilingual, text mining, data science, human annotation, and machine-learning features. DiscoverText offers a range of simple to advanced cloud-based software tools empowering users to quickly and accurately evaluate large amounts of text data. Our customers sort unstructured free text common in market research, as well as associated metadata, also found in customer feedback platforms, CRMs, chats, email, large scale HR or other surveys, public comment to government agencies, Twitter, RSS feeds, and other forms of text data. Find out why we are ranked #1 for text, metadata, and social network analysis support and trusted by hundreds of academic research groups

Features of DiscoverText

  • Collect, clean, and analyze text data
  • Humans and machines classify text
  • eDiscovery tools that work
  • Boolean defined search, n-grams, word clouds, and custom topic dictionaries

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

Machine LearningMachine Learning

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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