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Chattermill uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to analyze customer feedback across customer touchpoints for organizations to harness customer insights at scale, boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Features of Chattermill

  • Capture Pipe every source of feedback and customer interaction into one place with easy to use, collaborative platform
  • Analyse Use groundbreaking theme and sentiment AI to see how customers feel about your product, stay on top of emerging topics and understand what keeps them coming back
  • Understand Filter and interpret the underlying layers of meaning within your data to instantly gauge what's driving customer experience
  • Scale Analyse signals within your customer feedback to accurately identify and predict opportunities to drive revenue, advocacy and retention across each and every touchpoint


Like our products, our pricing isn’t one-size-fits-all. We calculate your personalised quote by looking at your specific needs. To learn more, request a tailored quote or personalised demo and find out what Chattermill can do for you.

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