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Cx MOMENTS automatically analyzes and categorizes your customer support tickets, detecting the topics and problems that regularly crop up in your customer support conversations. Cx MOMENTS integrates with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Intercom and LiveChat inc. This is the best way to understand your customers' problems. No more weekends spent reading support tickets, or hours exporting data into Excel. We automatically find and trend customers issues in your Helpdesk so you don't have to.

Features of Cx Moments

  • Improve and scale your customer support Don't rely on the agent's manual tagging. Use AI to automatically categorize and trend your contact drivers across 100,000's of customer support cases, tickets and chats.
  • Customer insights for Product teams who listen Build a customer centric roadmap using real customer data. Discover what issues need prioritizing. Run instant volume and trend reports on customer feedback without help from your support team.
  • Make your business better Cx Moments automatically summarizes your customer queries by area. Now, you can show each Department the customer issues they own, and which ones they should prioritize.


Starter Plan

Self-service solution for start-ups and growing companies

Enterprise Plan

Advanced self-service solution for medium and large companies

Corporate Plan

Turnkey solution for larger enterprises

Annual plan  $ 299 / month
Annual plan  $ 599 / month

*Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

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