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SaltStack event-driven automation software helps IT organizations manage and secure cloud infrastructure at massive scale while automating efficient orchestration of enterprise DevOps workflows.

SaltStack is unique in offering event-driven automation for cloud and container control, infrastructure and application configuration management, continuous compliance, and IT security solutions for enterprise IT and web-scale data center environments. SaltStack is the most scalable, flexible and efficient systems management platform available today and provides substantially more value and functionality compared to legacy alternatives.

SaltStack Enterprise and SaltStack SecOps commercial products are powered by the Salt, the popular open source IT automation and configuration management platform. Contact us for support, training and professional services options.

Features of SaltStack

Administration Console - Provides Administration tools/console that are easy to use and learn for routine maintenance tasks

Task Management - The ability to assign various tasks to employees and track their status.

Dashboards and Visualizations - Presents information and analytics in a digestible, intuitive, and visually appealing way.

Access Control - Allows administrators to set user access privileges to permit approved parties to access sensitive data.

Issue Tracking - Track issues as vulnerabilities are discovered. Documents activity throughout the resolution process.

Detection Rate - The rate at which scans accurately detect all vulnerabilities associated with the target.

False Positives - The rate at which scans falsely indicate detection of a vulnerability when no vulnerabilitiy legitimately exists.

Automated Scans - Runs pre-scripted vulnerability scans without requiring manual work.

Test Automation - Runs pre-scripted tests without requiring manual work.

Intelligent Automation - Automates statistical analysis of data and identifies trends and opportunities to improve efficiency and recovery

Release Automation - Automates releases of the application for access on desktop, web, or or mobile devices.

Automated Provisioning - Automates IT systems provisioning to speed up infrastructure availability.

Workflow Management - Creates new or streamlines existing workflows to increase efficiency and user experience.

Infrastructure Management - Gives administrators control over hardware and software resource allocation

Perimeter Scanning - Analyzes network devices, servers and operating systems for vulnerabilities.

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