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Modeling is one of the most common and mandatory tasks for machine learning. A computer language is used to build models. Rust is one of them. It is very fast and user-friendly, easily integrable with other languages. It has no collector to save garbage, a memory-efficient language with zero runtime.

For machine learning developers, people with brilliant minds came up with an open-source tool. Specially designed for engineers not for scientists. To fetch deep learning performance this tool is created. The leaf is trying to produce technical credit to your pile.

One of the most simple APIs is integrated inside Leaf. It was developed a few months back for Rust. Makes an AI model computation more efficient like 100x. The design/architecture of Leaf makes it more useful. For making deep learning reinforcement learning, visualization, networking or distribution, automated processing, it is widely used. Its development process is in its early stage.

Features of Leaf

  • Improves deep learning performance
  • Automated processing
  • Helps to make deep make reinforcement learning
  • Handy tools for data visualization
  • Run with OpenCL or CUDA


It is open-source

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