Product Details has multiple use cases in different industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing, Telecom, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Financial Services: Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering, Anomaly Detection, etc.

Healthcare: Predicting ICU Transfers, Medical Testing, etc.

Insurance: Fraud Mitigation, Anomaly Detection, etc.

Marketing: Smart Segmentation, Content Personalization, etc.

Telecom: Product Recommendations, Pricing Optimization, etc.

Retail: Next Best Action, Predictive Fleet Maintenance, etc.

Manufacturing: Supply Chain Optimization, Transportation Optimization, etc.

Features of

H2O provides a bunch of AI-based services for solving real-world problems, some are stated below.

Fraud Detection: Detecting fraud transactions is a massive challenge for any industry. H2O Driverless AI provides an automatic machine learning model which will speed up predictive analysis like whether a transaction is a fraud or not, the behavior of that transaction, etc. 

Anti-Money Laundering: To avoid or find complex transaction/anomalies AI has a times series modeling system. H2O Driverless AI uses machine learning systems to prevent, mark or notify investigators of this problem and the model learns from every single transaction.

Anomaly Detection: H2O driverless AI creates a significant role for this issue. They use time series analysis for expected outcomes using historical patterns. The upper and lower bound model predicts and notifies the investigators if an anomaly transaction happens.

Predicting ICU Transfers: For transferring a patient into ICU in time is much more complex. H2O Driverless AI predicts patients before their worst situation when to move him/her into ICU or not.

Smart Segmentation: Using customer data H2O provides a more accurate marketing strategy and can recommend the best product that clients are looking for. It improves companies' improvement.

Lead Scoring: For decreasing poor leading H2O ai provides an ai-based marketing model that scores sales lead to improve business growth. This model learns about sales lead stories, customer behavior.

Customer Churn Prediction: For avoiding customer churn H2O driverless AI provides a very useful machine learning model to predict customer behavior. It helps financial services to offer new packages to that customer. It helps to calculate risk at a very early age.


It has 14 days of free trial and prices are service-based.

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