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Qubole Data Service is a comprehensive autonomous big data platform for Data Architects, Analysts, and Scientists who explore a great amount of raw, multi-structured data on the cloud, Qubole Big Data SaaS runs on the fastest elastic Hadoop engine, includes data connectors, a graphical interface for Hive, SQOOP. Quoble is excellent tools for simplified, collaborative Big Data work on Hadoop

Qubole collects and processes stateful events, replays and reprocesses data, and integrates with monitoring and alerting solutions.

Qubole provides a simple and secure data lake platform for machine learning, streaming, and ad-hoc analytics. No other platform provides the openness and data workload flexibility of Qubole while radically accelerating data lake adoption, reducing time to value, and lowering cloud data lake costs by 50 percent. Qubole’s Platform provides end-to-end data lake services such as cloud infrastructure management, data management, continuous data engineering, analytics, and machine learning with near-zero administration.

Features of Qubole

Features of Qubole

  • Data Lake
  • Data Distribution
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Spark Integration
  • Multi-Source Analysis
  • Workload Processing


Free Trial
30-day free trial
$90 /additional user
Contact Qubole to get pricing
Free access to Qubole for 30 days to build data pipelines, bring machine learning to production, and analyze any data type from any data source.
  • 3 Free Users
  • $0.11/computing hour
  • Support (20%)

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

Machine LearningMachine Learning

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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