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Looker is a data-discovery app that provides innovative data exploration functionalities for businesses both large and small. With it, they can access a web-based interface where they can easily get real-time insights on their operations via data analytics. They can create reports on the go and make it accessible to all parties interested, so other team members can contribute to discussions about certain tasks and stay in-the-loop when it comes to any development in their project. Thus,

Looker can help all companies use data to drive their business decisions and activities in the right direction. With a little bit of SQL knowledge, you won’t have any issues making Looker work for you or building your own analytic modules. You can design visualizations with a single code, as complexity depends only on how far you intend to go to refine you experience.

Looker’s ML code is there to help you produce and optimize your queries, which is particularly handy as most BI systems expect you to be an expert in the area. Looker still works when you have no SQL knowledge, as they have a rich database of videos and learning materials, the same as live recordings and screen cast lectures.

Documentation also includes interactive puzzles which would please creative teams looking to convert analytics into an enjoyable activity. As you will read in the Benefits section, there is a lot Looker can offer in addition to open API integration blocks and flexible pricing. It analyzes both web-hosted and SQL information, and accommodates over 25 data variations, among which Hive, Vertica, and Google’s BigQuery. The platform is designed to end data chaos and bottlenecks, and does so in an intuitive interface employees take no time to understand.

Currently, Looker is the preferred business intelligence application of over 700 companies worldwide, helping them keep customers satisfied and discover how to turn traffic into valuable eCommerce information. Before you’ve contacted them for a quote and made a purchase, we advise you to request a free demo and explore the features in advance.

Provisioning security allows us to control the user experience (and only show users things they would actually care about). This makes a dashboard or data product rollout far smoother. Additionally, the customer support (especially through the chat interface) is absolutely fantastic. Because Looker creates a custom URL for each explore you're working on, you can share with Customer Support your exact problem and work together to find a solution.


  • Easy to use
    • Setup was quite easy.
    • Creating charts and dashboards was very simple and intuitive.
    • Sharing charts, or “Looks” as Looker calls is also easy since everything is done in the browser.
    • Exporting data was simple.
  • Easy to customize
    • It’s straightforward to write custom queries for your Looker instance.
  • Great with large datasets
    • With bigger datasets, Looker didn’t experience any slowdowns or issues. With Looker it is also easy to write custom queries or export data.

Features of Looker

  • Better insights, better outcomes
  • Modern APIs for integrated workflow
  • Business Intelligence
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Workflow Integration
  • Augmented analytics


You’ll be looking at at least $5,000.00 (USD) a month for using this system

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