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Based in Silicon Valley, Prodigal is bringing the power of AI and machine learning to lenders, creditors and collection agencies. We help them stand out through their compliance and collection standards.

Prodigal’s world class speech recognition software, monitors every call for compliance and collector performance with its AI trained for optimal accuracy and actionable results. Prodigal unlocks hidden value in a collection contact centre’s vast corpus of unstructured audio data by making it searchable and enabling them to improve compliance, increase operational efficiency and win new clients.

Prodigal combines cutting edge technology with deep industry experience to bring the best speech analytics solution built ground-up for the ARM industry.

At Prodigal, we always keep the borrower in mind and we strive to ensure creditors are able to provide maximum options to a borrower, listen to their specific grievances, find a solution that works for both parties, while staying compliant to regulations.

Features of Prodigal

  • Increase compliance in line with TCPA, FDCPA, HIPAA and state laws 
  • Prove compliance to clients while addressing their individual requirements
  • Enhance QA process through automated scoring of collector performance
  • Discover patterns early to improve collection strategy and mitigate risk
  • Identify techniques of best collectors to cross-pollinate across teams

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