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Feedzai has 4 approaches to fight against financial crime like prevention, detection, remediation, and compliance. They provide ready-to-use end-to-end risk monitoring systems. By using their risk packaged solution for fraud, AML, FRAML(fraud and AML) you can achieve all essentials for your business success.

Solution Capabilities
  • More Accurate Detection: With the help of ML and Feedzai enhanced detection it removes good customers from criminal networks.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Provides analysts with human-readable explanations for understanding machine learning decisions. Improves transparency for analysts, managers, and regulators.
  • Tangible ROI: It has a fully packaged out of box solution which is digitally ready and cloud-enabled with very high deployment speed.
The RiskOps Platform

Its risk management platform scores millions of dollars of transactions to protect the world’s largest companies and uses machine learning to reduce very complex financial crime.

Use Cases
  • Account Opening Fraud: Feedzai’s platform helps to fight against fraud account opening
  • Anti-money Laundering: You can build your AML program on Advanced AI 
  • Transactional Fraud: Without affecting customer experience it can prevent fraud by analyzing device, behavioral and transaction data in real-time.
  • For Retail Banks

    • Frictionless Account Opening
    • Fight against fraud in real-time and monitor all transactions
    • Helps to maximize team efficiency, reduce costs and detect money laundering with ML technologies 
  • For Challenger Banks

    • Helps to acquire more customers with AI-powered custom workflows
    • Decreases fraud with future-proofed AI-powered technologies by screening and monitoring transactions in real-time for any type of payment
  • For Payment Processors

    • Customizes merchant view, provides a holistic view of customers in merchant dashboards for easy access to alerts, reports, and more
    • Increases accuracy by combining data like purchase history, device ID, network score to gain 360 views of transactions
    • Manages merchant portfolios globally with monitor integrated merchant KPIs and applies predictive analysis to avoid potential losses
  • For Acquirers

    • End to end risk management
    • Uses traditional and alternative data to increase confidence in merchant profiling
    • Helps to avoid reputational damages which were caused by risky merchants
    • Reduces fraud by offering alternative payment options for merchants
    • Monitors merchants portfolios and empowers merchants with a dashboard to observe transaction volume
  • For Merchants

    • Acquires more customers by providing AI-powered account opening experiences.
    • Protects customer’s account
    • Reduces false positives and accurately identify fraudsters with AI-powered technology

Features of feedzai

Provides services to

  • Retail Banks
  • Challenger Banks
  • Payment Processors
  • Acquires
  • Merchants


You have to contact them for price details

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