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Sonix is a global online destination specializing in distinctively cool fashion accessories for the style conscious girl. Since inception in 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to creating products that are not only unique statement pieces, but are also made to withstand the everyday wear and tear of our consumer. We know you’re always seeking out the latest and greatest for your wardrobe and at Sonix we aim to provide you with accessories that go beyond functionality, reflecting your personal style and taste.

Features of Sonix

  • Easy uploading/importing Upload most audio/video file formats from your local computer or select them from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Fully automated transcription No human involvement. Transcribe in minutes, not days. Secure SSL encryption on data upload/download and storage.
  • Synchronized audio & text Speech-to-text in a revolutionary new way. Click on any part of the transcript and play the audio or video from that exact moment.
  • AudioText Editor™ An in-browser word processor so you can polish a synchronized transcript while listening to the audio/video file.
  • Search your entire archive Every word is automatically indexed. Quickly jump to the exact moment when something was said in a specific audio/video file.
  • Variable playback speed Slow down or speed up playback to simplify your editing process.
  • Word confidence levels We show the high confidence words in black and the low confidence ones in orange so you know where to focus editing.
  • Custom dictionary Improve accuracy! Add words or phrases to your custom dictionary and Sonix will always transcribe them that way going forward.
  • Find and replace Quickly replace multiple mispellings with the press of a button. Best used when replacing proper nouns.
  • Highlight important text Highlight text with multiple colors to categorize and easily collaborate. We'll show you the starting and ending timestamps.
  • Strikethrough text Mark insignificant sections of text in your transcript with our strikethrough feature, we'll skip over them in playback.
  • Download snippets When you select text, you can easily download a short audio clip of only the selected words.
  • Auto-pause when typing Smarter editing. The audio/video automatically stops playing when you edit a word and auto-resumes when you stop typing.
  • Copy with timestamps Copy the text along with the timestamps to your clipboard. Made specifically for folks who love making paper edits.
  • Integrated video player Upload videos and see them side by side with your transcript. It's very helpful especially when you are making captions.
  • Subtitles and closed captions Automated & timestamped. Easily customize and export SRT and VTT to your favorite media workstation, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Flexible exports Export only specific sections of your media file or the transcript to multiple formats like Microsoft Word (*.docx), text (*.txt), Subrip (*.srt), and Web Video Text Tracks (*.vtt).
  • Share transcripts (read only) Let colleagues view your transcript by sharing with them a private readonly link.
  • Organize with folders Keep all your transcripts and audio/video files in one location, organized the way you like it, and readily accessible.
  • SEO-friendly Media Player Make your audio & video content more accessible and leverage search engine traffic by embedding our SEO-friendly media player.
  • Adobe Audition integration Speed up your workflow. Export a .sesx file, we'll automatically add markers with descriptions and help you with rough cuts.
  • Adobe Premiere integration Quickly edit movies. We'll automatically add markers, captions, and do rough audio/video cuts for you.
  • Final Cut Pro X Integration Need subtitles? Want metadata automatically added to your clips? We auto generate FCPXML to make your life awesome.
  • Avid Media Composer Integration Create captions and subtitles in seconds. Quickly import caption data from Sonix into Avid and start polishing your subtitles.





$10 / HOUR
Pay-as-you-go transcription. Perfect for project-based work.

  • Fast, accurate transcription
  • AudioText Editor™
  • Custom dictionary
  • SEO-friendly media player
  • Flexible exports

$5 / HOUR

More frequent transcription needs with advanced collaboration tools.

  • Everything in Standard plan
  • Multi-user access & permissions
  • Powerful sharing tools
  • Search all transcripts by word
  • Translate your transcript
  • Audio realignment
  • Version history
  • API Access


High volume transcription with advanced user controls and billing options.

  • Everything in Premium plan
  • Volume discounts for 100+ hrs/month
  • Advanced admin controls
  • Detailed file event tracking
  • Account audit logs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced training for users

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