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Go Transcribe provides the latest software invention to convert speech in to text. We use artificial intelligence to convert audio files into documents. This transcription process will save you time, money and effort. Simply upload your files onto our platform using any device and your file will be converted in a matter of minutes. The transcription can be viewed on our online editor. You can playback the original file and jump to specific parts of the audio by clicking on words on the transcription. Our unique editor allows you to search your audio and make amendments to the transcription where required. Your transcription can be downloaded to several popular formats including Microsoft Word and PDF.

Features of Go Transcribe

  • Work at unprecedented speed Get your transcriptions faster than ever before. Go Transcribe can return your files in minutes. Simply upload an audio file onto our platform using any device and we transcribe it automatically into a document for you.
  • A complete transcription platform for a wide range of industries Everything you need to streamline your workflow to get the most out of your conversations. Our unique online editor allows you to search your audio and make amendments to the transcription where required. Download your transcription to several popular formats including SRT, Microsoft Word and PDF.


Pay As You GoStandardBusiness

$12 / HOUR

$36 / Month

$90 / Month

  • Pay for what you need
  • Interactive media editor
  • Flexible export formats including Word, PDF and SRT
  • Multiple speakers supported
  • Record using any device
  • Email support
  • Timestamp by paragraph
  • No commitment
  • Everything in Pay As You Go
  • 4 hours monthly credit included
  • Purchase additional transcription at $9 / hour
  • Unused minutes rollover one month
  • Priority email support
  • Cancel at any time
  • Everything in Standard
  • 10 hours monthly credit included
  • Purchase additional transcription at $8 / hour
  • Multiple user access ($6 per additional user)
  • Single monthly bill
  • Phone support
  • Cancel at any time

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Machine LearningMachine Learning

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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