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Mebos is the quick and easy way to get editable transcription for your audio and video. Mebos provides first draft transcripts at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional transcription services.Uploads your audio and video files onto our platform and we transcribe it in minutes using artificial intelligence.

Features of Mebos

  • Artificial Intelligence Powered by our machine learning and speech recognition technology
  • Export Export into a wide range of formats including Word, PDF and closed caption (SRT, VTT)
  • Editing Easy to use online editing tool allows you to clean up the transcript
  • Security Your data is secured and protected at all times. You always have the ability to delete your files.
  • Multiple Languages With nearly 20 languages supported including English, German, French and so many more.
  • Speaker identification We support multiple speakers and mark out when they change


Pay As You Go



$9 / HOUR

  • Pay for what you need
  • Interactive media editor
  • Flexible export formats
  • Multiple speakers
  • Speaker separation by paragraph
  • Speaker labels
  • Email support
  • Timestamp by paragraph
  • No commitment

$25 / Month

  • 3 hours monthly credit included
  • Purchase additional transcription at $5 / hour
  • Unused minutes rollover one month
  • Interactive media editor
  • Flexible export formats
  • Multiple speakers
  • Speaker separation by paragraph
  • Speaker labels
  • Email support
  • Timestamp by paragraph
  • Cancel at any time

$40 / Month

  • 3 hours monthly credit included
  • Purchase additional transcription at $5 / hour
  • Multiple user access ($15 per additional user)
  • Single monthly bill
  • Unused minutes rollover one month
  • Interactive media editor
  • Flexible export formats
  • Multiple speakers
  • Speaker separation by paragraph
  • Speaker labels
  • Timestamp by paragraph
  • Cancel at any time
  • Priority email support

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0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes transcribe and translate audio and video content. It...

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