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Speech to text technology have evolved and Ebby proud to offer it to you in the best way we can. Around it, we've implemented complementary, user-friendly tools to help you edit, refine, organize your transcripts, and more. mission is to make transcribing easy, accurate, fast and affordable. Whether you're a journalist, student, podcaster or researcher. We know transcription is a necessary task for many of us and so we've built Ebby for everyone. And it works like magic - take us for a spin and see for yourself.

Features of

  • Automated Transcription Ebby's transcription software will provide you with a time-stamped transcript for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional services. Our voice recognition technology will generate time-stamps and identify speakers for you.
  • Secure & Private Your media files are yours and nobody can see them but you (machine transcription only). We use HTTPS (using TLS 1.2) for secure data upload, export and transfer.
  • Online Editor Playback your media file in-sync with the text, skip around easily and adjust playback speed as you please to quickly polish your transcript. Ebby's AI Engine will even mark low confidence words for you.
  • Save Time & Money Need your transcript fast? Ebby transcribes audio and video to text in minutes, not days as traditional services do.


Pay as you go

  • 10¢ per audio minute.
  • Purchase transcription credit by the minute.
  • All features included.
  • No monthly subscription.
  • No commitment.

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0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes convert their audio and video content into text and tra...

0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes transcribe and translate audio and video content. It...

0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes transcribe and translate audio and video content. It...

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