Natural Language Processing(ML) QUIZ - MCQ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Question: 1

Natural Language processing is used in-

Question: 2

Which of the follwing is an appication of NLP?

Question: 3

Which of the following library is used in NLP?

Question: 4

What is tokenization?

Question: 5

Why we use named entity recognition in NLP?

Question: 6

What is machine translation?

Question: 7

Google translator is an application of-

Question: 8

Which of the following is the main challenge of NLP?

Question: 9

A bag of words model uses-

Question: 10

Which of these techniques is used for normalization in text mining?

Question: 11

What stemming refers to in text mining?

Question: 12

Which is the correct order for preprocessing in Natural Language Processing?

Question: 13

Bag of Words in text preprocessing is a-

Question: 14

In text mining, how the words ‘lovely’ is converted to ‘love’-

Question: 15

Stop words are-

Question: 16

Which of the following algorithms is widely used for text classification?

Question: 17

From the sentence “Ai Online Course”, how many bigrams can be created?

Question: 18

Sentiment analysis is an area of:

Question: 19

Which of the following is true about Topic Modelling?

Question: 20

Which of the following is used to reduce the dimensionality of text data?

Question: 21

What is the role of NLP in recommendation engines like Collaborative Filtering?

Question: 22

Which of the following is the feature of a text corpus?

Question: 23

Word2vec is used to-

Question: 24

tf - idf is used in-

Question: 25

Which of the following algorithm is not used in NLP?

Question: 26

Convolutional Neural Network is used in-

Question: 27

tf - idf represents-

Question: 28

tf - idf is used in-

Question: 29

Sentiment analysis is used to-

Question: 30

Which of the following is a kind of text summarization?