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VoiceboxMD is Designed for private practices and hospitals. Helps physicians and practitioners build charts and notes at record speeds. Advanced medical dictation software is built for physicians and practitioners. Works on all EHR platforms and mobile.

Features of VoiceboxMD

  • Satisfaction Physicians who use VoiceboxMD report it makes their workflow much faster and overtime captures more patient data than just typing. By saving time, they gain the opportunity to do other things or see more patients.
  • Support Quality Documentation Create vigorous, important notes that genuinely catch the patient experience. Using VoiceboxMD results in higher levels of payback over the long term.
  • Grow Volume Less time spent on documentation enables clinicians to see more patients and increment practice income and productivity.
  • Works with your EHR VoiceboxMD is compatible with most EHRs. Clinicians can dictate the natural expression of their thought while within the EHR.
  • Capture richer detail of patient's story Increasingly complete and precise documentation with VoiceboxMD. This improves coding adequacy and gives more extravagant detail per understanding.
  • Mobility Find yourself away from a computer? Dictate notes in either real-time or offline directly from your mobile phone or tablet. Swiftly transfer the notes to your EHR at your leisure.




$49 or lower

Per month
  • Steeper discounts with more providers
  • FREE 7-day trial
  • No contract – cancel anytime
  • Dictate on Mac, Windows and Mobile
  • Run on multiple computers
  • Advanced medical vocabulary
  • Dictate on Mac, Windows and Mobile
  • Free updates

$44 or lower

Per month
  • Steeper discounts with more providers
  • FREE 14-day trial
  • Phone support
  • Dictate on Mac, Windows and Mobile
  • Run on multiple computers
  • Advanced medical vocabulary
  • Priority support: 4 hour response
  • Free updates

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