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We believe nothing is more important than good health. It’s this belief that inspires us to develop reliable, quality products and solutions for the global health care industry. Whether you’re connecting with patients directly, testing the safety of food or designing a medical device, the work you do every day is improving lives. At 3M Health Care, we share that same passion. It’s what motivates us to propel innovation further. Our goal? Use the power of 3M Science to help make better health possible for people around the world. We are excited that Acelity and its subsidiaries, including KCI, are now part of the 3M family.

Features of 3M M*Modal

  • Speech enable your EHR We offer top ranking, cloud-based, front-end medical speech recognition solutions for all medical specialties to accurately and quickly document directly in over 200 compatible EHRs.

  • Elevate CDI We adopt a unique approach to clinical documentation improvement (CDI) with real-time clinical intelligence for physicians and CDI specialists to significantly reduce queries and increase case mix index.

  • Improve care management using HCCs To drive risk-adjustment documentation and care management of patient populations, our patient-focused and quality-centric Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) solution suite helps you establish a successful outpatient CDI program and get accurate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores.

  • Reduce transcription costs We help organizations of all sizes with their medical transcription needs: from powerful mobile apps to full-scale workflow solutions, all backed by our transcription platform and services.

  • Automate your charting We provide customizable online medical scribing services in real time into your EHR. Combining a personal assistant and our state of the art cloud-based speech recognition software’s to personalize your charts for all specialties.

  • Drive value-based imaging Our market-leading integrated speech reporting, workflow management, and business intelligence and analytics solutions support the Imaging 3.0™ initiative and value-driven care.

  • Enrich coding outcomes Our Domestic and Global medical coding services encompass coding outsourcing, audit services and HIM services with cutting-edge technology. The outcome is high quality, production coding and optimal revenue.


They offer custom pricing plans for different solutions. Check their website for more information about pricing.

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