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Talkatoo is reinventing speech to text software by making it easy to use and cross-platform. We are a fast-growing, funded startup. Our SaaS software works on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and digital assistants. Talkatoo works in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management Software (PMS) systems, which are used for record-keeping in almost all medical and veterinary practices.

Features of Talkatoo

  • Speed Talkatoo is lightning fast, clocking in at over 200 words per minute. That's 5x the average human type speed.
  • Accuracy Talkatoo is highly accurate. Spend less time cleaning up your notes and more time on other tasks.
  • Professional vocabulary Talkatoo boasts a large professional vocabulary covering veterinary, legal, and many other fields.
  • It just works Talkatoo is platform-agnostic, so the same suite of features can be used on PC or Mac.


Sign up for a month-by-month commitment (just like Netflix) and cancel anytime. Or sign up for the whole year and enjoy a 20% savings. Plus applicable sales taxes for Canadian customers

7 Day Free Trial


Annual SAVE 20%

$69.95 /month

$55.96 /month

Billed as one payment of $671.52

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