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Lobe brought very useful features for training a custom machine learning model. If you make a model and set some training data about what the model will learn, this can be automatically done by Lobe. One of the most notable sites is after training you can move that custom model into your software or app.

Lobe doesn’t upload any data to the cloud while training data on your computer for free. It runs on Windows and Mac OS. They designed this tool to make easeful use for anyone. If you don’t know how to code or you have less experience, no problem. You can give it a try without having fear.

Lobe provides project templates which means it will automatically decide which ML architecture your project needs. Currently, they are giving image classification templates. Object detection and data classification templates are their upcoming products.

It follows three major steps to train your model data.
  • Collect data
  • Train model by data
  • Understand the result
  • After that, it runs, enhances, and delivers models.

    Features of Lobe

    • Trains automatically
    • Improves model performance
    • Doesn’t upload data to the cloud
    • Labels data very precisely


    It’s free for all.

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    Machine LearningMachine Learning

    Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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