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VisibleThread helps organizations make their words matter. Our solutions help professionals, across all business functions, write more clearly and consistently. Our dashboards measure the tone and consistency of communications, across all teams, using objective metrics.

Features of VisibleThread

  • Measure Content Readability (For Writers) Analyze your MS Word Docs, PDFs or Raw Text for plain language.
  • Flag Watch Words for Compliance (For Writers)​ Flag occurrence of “watch words” as you edit. Configurable words/phrases to flag off-brand language.
  • Track Individual and Team Usage (For Exec Oversight) See usage for teams and users. Help support plain language program rollout across your organization.
  • Measure Clarity Improvements (For Exec Oversight) Measure quality improvement across all organization assets, both offline and online.
  • Flag Non-Compliant Language (For Exec Oversight)  See which teams and writers may be using non-compliant, off-brand language.


They provide a 7 day free trial for each product.

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