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SUPIR is an AI-powered image restoration tool that utilizes cutting-edge large-scale diffusion generative priors to enhance and restore low-quality images. SUPIR can be used to bring new life to landscape photos, portraits, animal pictures, and even classic cinematic works. SUPIR employs a text-driven, intelligent restoration process that combines creative human input with powerful AI technology.

Features of SUPIR - XPixel Group

  • High-Fidelity General Image Restoration: SUPIR utilizes a powerful AI model based on large-scale diffusion generative priors. This allows it to significantly enhance the details and clarity of various image types, including landscapes, portraits, and even vintage photos.
  • Text-Driven, Intelligent Restoration: SUPIR incorporates a unique blend of AI technology and human creativity. You can provide text instructions to guide the restoration process, specifying areas for improvement or desired outcomes. Landscape Image Restoration: Bring back the vibrancy and sharpness of faded or blurry landscapes.
  • Ultra-Resolution for Faces: Enhance facial features in portraits, making them appear clearer and more defined.
  • Animal Image Restoration: Breathe new life into photos of your furry (or feathered) friends, removing noise or sharpening details.
  • Gaming Image Enhancement: Improve the quality of screenshots or in-game visuals, potentially boosting clarity and sharpness.


  • SUPIR - XPixel Group is free to use.
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