Product Details is likely an AI-powered image restoration tool similar to SUPIR. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance and repair old, damaged, or low-quality images.

Features of Lummi

  • General Image Restoration: might offer functionalities to improve various image aspects like:
  • Resolution enhancement: Sharpening blurry or pixelated images.
  • Noise reduction: Removing grain or artifacts for a cleaner look.
  • Damage repair: Fixing tears, scratches, or missing parts in photos.
  • Specific Enhancements: Depending on its capabilities, might cater to particular image types, such as:
  • Portrait restoration: Enhancing facial features and clarity in portraits.
  • Landscape restoration: Restoring vibrancy and detail in landscape photos.
  • Availability: Without an official website, it's difficult to confirm if is a publicly available tool or still under development.


  • Lummi AI is free to use.
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SUPIR - XPixel Group

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Lummi Reviews

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