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Squibler IO positions itself as a creative writing companion that utilizes AI to overcome writer's block, generate story ideas, and inspire fresh narratives. It caters to writers of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned authors.

Features of Squibler io

  • Plot Point Inspiration: Generate plot points or twists to help develop your story structure and overcome plot roadblocks.
  • Character Development: Spark character creation with AI-generated character descriptions, names, backstories, or motivations.
  • Dialogue Prompts: In its advanced features, Squibler IO might offer AI-written dialogue prompts to inspire conversations between characters.
  • Story Notes and Organization: Squibler IO might offer features to organize your story ideas, brainstorm notes, and potentially even develop outlines or plot structures within the tool.
  • Genre-Specific Inspiration: Get story prompts and ideas tailored to your chosen genre, ensuring the AI suggestions align with your desired narrative style.
  • AI-powered Story Elements: Leverage the AI to generate creative prompts for plot points, character development, or even dialogue, overcoming writer's block and getting your story moving.
  • Interactive Prompt Refinement: Refine the AI-generated prompts to fit your specific story ideas and writing direction, maintaining creative control over your narrative.
  • Springboard for Creative Writing: Use Squibler's prompts and story elements as a launchpad for your own creative writing, sparking new ideas and fueling your narrative development.


  • Squibler Limited: Free for users, including Smart writer AI, AI Visualize, 30 days version history, Elements - 8 els without grouping, and Sharing permissions.
  • Squibler pro: Pricing starts at $16 with unlimited AI writing features, unlimited text to image generation, One physical copy, formatting for print and eBook distribution, live online training.
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