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Replica has developed an AI that can replicate the human voice, and have built text-to-speech software to produce expressive speech. Replica is growing a marketplace where creative talent and voice actors can scale and license their voices for use in games, streaming, advertising and much more. Replica will help artists protect their voice from infringement while delivering a totally new way to make money from their voice. For media producers, Replica will be an amazing new creative tool for content production.

Features of Replica Studios

  • Smart speaker skills Entertain the world with Alexa Skills & voice games powered by your own voice. Human-like inflections and tones bring your smart speaker skills to life.
  • Robots Help your robotic projects sound more humanlike. Replica brings a new level of control and opens up a new world of possibilities for robot communication.
  • Software products Developers - engage users and customers with Replica Voices embedded in your software projects. Brands - dynamically generate natural sounding speech for broadcasting and publishing applications.
  • Audiobooks Your book deserves something better than a fake robotic text-to-speech voice. Find a world class Replica Voice to narrate your written content. Have a great voice for narration? Earn money by licensing your voice for publishers.
  • Voice interfaces Replica provides high-quality branded voices for your conversational interfaces. Deliver more natural sounding and conversational agents with custom voices.
  • Music Discover a new way to integrate weird and wonderful voice samples into your music. We provide a unique opportunity to accelerate content creation and experimentation for music artists. Avoid expensive vocal sample licensing.


They offer custom pricing according to the usage.

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