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iSpeech provides human quality text to speech and speech recognition solutions to consumers, developers and businesses worldwide. -Leading developer of speech-enabled mobile apps: 30+ million downloads of iSpeech apps -Leading speech development platform: 25,000+ developers and billions of API calls -Growing list of enterprise customers spanning Publishing, Mobile, Automotive and the Connected Home

Features of iSpeech

  • Create TTS Audio Use our natural-sounding Text to Speech Voice Synthesis to create audio from text content
  • Get IVR Prompts Quickly Create and Download Text to Speech TTS IVR prompts in most Major Languages
  • Speech SDKs Voice-Enable Mobile Apps with our Free Open-Source Text to Speech - TTS and Automatic Speech Recognition - ASR SDKs
  • Embedded and Hosted TTS Service Custom Embedded, Cloud and SAPI Solutions for Text to Voice and Voice Recognition for ANY Device or Use Case
  • TTS API and ASR API Speech API enables Natural Text to Speech and Speech Recognition in More than 30 Languages
  • TTS for Chrome Try Select and Speak - Our powerful Chrome App to Voice-enable Web content (non-commercial use only)


iSpeech offers custom pricing for different schemes. Check their website to learn more about pricing.

14 Best Alternatives of iSpeech

Voicepoint is a market-leading Swiss provider of digital dictation systems, speech recognition software and dictation management solutions. We help our customers in secto...

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Replica has developed an AI that can replicate the human voice, and have built text-to-speech software to produce expressive speech. Replica is growing a marketplace w...

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Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled product...

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Listening to voice messages can be terribly inefficient and laborious. VoxSciences™ provides a paradigm shift by transcribing voice messages into text messages. This give...

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Voice Report enables field employees to dictate reports while on the go, using a highly secure speech-to-text solution. Record your voice from any device and securely acc...

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Talvala is a speech analytics company. We use Baidu’s Deep Speech technology and machine learning for compliance surveillance and human/machine interfaces. We never st...

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Speechmatics® powers applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition using its any-context speech recognition engine. Speechmatics’ speech re...

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VoiceVault provides voice biometrics solutions for mobile, on-device and telephony applications. The solutions focus on ease of use along with convenience for customers a...

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Crescendo Systems Corporation is a leading developer of Documentation, Digital Dictation, Voice Processing, Transcription and Workflow Management systems for the medical,...

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Phonexia transforms voice to knowledge with its innovative speech analytics and voice biometrics technologies. Its Phonexia Speech Engine is the first on the market using...

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Sound Transcription serves media professionals, marketers, churches, and the education industry with automatic transcription of interviews, meetings, sermons, lectures, p...

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LumenVox is a speech automation and multi-factor biometric authentication solutions company providing core speech technologies that include the LumenVox Speech Recognizer...

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SpeechMotion™ is a state-of-the-art voice capture, speech recognition, editing, distribution and e-signature application platform for healthcare documentation. Design...

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SpeechWrite Digital is a full solution provider specialising in workflow solutions, digital dictation, voice recognition and PDF solutions. Our practical technology, s...

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