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Eklavvya AI Proctoring is a powerful AI-powered remote proctoring solution that empowers educators to conduct secure and fair online exams, ensuring the integrity of assessments and enhancing the overall learning experience for students. Its advanced AI-powered monitoring, cheating detection, and reporting capabilities make it a valuable tool for institutions seeking to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their online assessment practices.

Features of Eklavvya AI Proctoring

  • AI-powered exam monitoring and surveillance: Eklavvya AI Proctoring's AI algorithms continuously monitor student activities during online exams, including eye movements, facial expressions, body movements, and screen activities.

  • 360-degree proctoring with dual camera support: The platform supports 360-degree proctoring with dual camera setup, providing a comprehensive view of the student's surroundings and activities, minimizing the possibility of cheating.

  • Audio recording and environmental monitoring: Eklavvya AI Proctoring records ambient sounds during the exam, enabling detection of potential disturbances or unauthorized conversations.

  • Live chat and remote proctor intervention: The platform facilitates real-time communication between proctors and students via live chat, allowing for immediate intervention and resolution of any issues.

  • AI-powered cheating detection and alerts: Eklavvya AI Proctoring's AI algorithms analyze student behavior and identify potential cheating patterns, such as unusual eye movements, excessive screen sharing, or unauthorized pauses.

  • Detailed audit trails and reporting: The platform provides comprehensive audit trails and reports, including recordings, screenshots, and timestamps, enabling review of exam activities and identification of any irregularities.

  • Integration with various learning management systems (LMS): Eklavvya AI Proctoring can integrate with various LMS platforms, allowing for seamless integration into existing online assessment workflows.


Eklavvya AI Proctoring offers a flexible pricing structure with various plans to suit the needs of different institutions and educators. The plans are:

  • Basic: The Basic plan provides access to essential Eklavvya AI Proctoring features, including question authoring & publishing, exam scheduling, video interviews, candidate image capturing, and many features for a maximum of 25 exams.
  • Standard: Pricing starts at $600 per month for maximum 3000 exams. Offers more advanced features, such as assessment analytics, branding, technical support(Email ), 5GB storage.
  • Professional: Pricing starts at $800 per month for maximum 3000 exams. Offers everything Standard plan, plus voice/ 0ral assessment, API integration, moodle integration, exam in multiple languages, 20GB storage, 360 degree proctoring, onscreen evaluation, center based exams, candidate registration and payments, AI question bank generator.

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