6+ Best AI Chatbot Software Tools

ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) chatbot developed by OpenAI. It is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, and can generate human-like text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions.  Read more

Pricing: ChatGPT currently has two pricing plans: Free plan: This plan is completely free and allows users to process up to 5,000 units per month. One unit is approximately equal to 0.75 words.ChatGPT Plus: This plan is priced at $20 per month and offers the following benefits: General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times.Faster response times.Priority access to new features and improvements. In addition to these two p...

Askhub is the first solution that understands what conversational agents don't, focusing on their Natural Language Understanding weaknesses. AskHub team uses its extensive experience in NLP and Data-Science to accompany enterprises in their customer service improvement and automation. We provide developers and marketers with actionable insights and tools for the continuous enhancement of bots.  Read more

Build natural and rich conversational experiences Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI. Connect with users on the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices. Dialogflow incorporates Google's machine learning expertise and products such as Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. Dialogflow is a Google service t... Read more

Pricing: Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Essentials Enterprise Edition PlusTextFree*$0.002 per request$0.004 per requestAudio inputIncludes speech recognition and speech-to-text.Free*$0.0065 per 15 seconds of audio $0.0085 per 15 seconds of audioAudio outputIncludes speech synthesis and text-to-speech.Free*Standard voices:$4 per 1 million charactersWaveNet voices:$16 per 1 million charactersStandard voices:$4 per 1 million cha...

Meya is the complete cognitive platform for software developers. From bots to intelligent assistants, deliver something your customers will love. Join thousands of brands, developers, and agencies making cognitive applications on Meya. Some awesome use-cases running on Meya: human/bot hybrid customer service, e-commerce live chat, brand engagement on Facebook, bot-first startups. Read more

Pricing: StandardProEnterprise$695 per month (monthly plan)$500 per month (yearly plan)Get started automating customer experienceUp to 5k conversations / mo1 production appBasic integrations$3,125 per month (monthly plan)$2,500 per month (yearly plan)Completely modernize your customer experienceIncludes 25k conv / mo1 production app4 sandbox appsAll integrationsFull programmabilitycustom (Annual only)Meet your all business requirements...

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Amazon Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text, to enable you to build applications with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions. With Amazon Lex, t... Read more

Pricing: Amazon Lex offers custom pricing schemes for different solutions. Check their website to learn more about pricing.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life. The company delivers solutions that understand, analyze and respond to human language, amplifying human intelligence. With decades of domain and artificial intelligence expertise, Nuance works with thousands of organizations – in healthcare, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, retail, and more –... Read more

Pricing: They offer custom pricing schemes for different solutions. Check their website to learn more about pricing.

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